Tuesday, April 01, 2008

The Blade and I agree

Yes - it does happen...And in this case, I'm glad they've finally joined me in recognizing that the money matters.

Last August, I blogged about the Concord Coalition and their Fiscal Wake-Up Tour. Today, The Blade's editorial board does the same thing. We agree that the fiscal issues are critical and that the candidates aren't talking about the serious problems we face in that regard.

While the editors don't say this, I will: Too many times, the candidates are promising more spending and more government expansion while ignoring the pending financial crises in the entitlement programs and in the entire federal budget. Already, Medicare and Medicaid consume 42% of our federal budget, but Senators Clinton and Obama want the government to pay for universal health care.

Since The Blade is supporting the questions and issues being raised by the Concord Coalition, I certainly hope they will insist that their reporters ask such questions of all federal candidates (especially our representatives, including Marcy Kaptur) - and then print the answers for all of us to read.

(p.s. Do you think they asked Obama these kinds of questions when he was here?)


Tim Higgins said...


I am shocked and apalled to discover that you agree with the Blade's position. not as shocked or appalled as I am to find that I do as well though. I can only assume that this editorial is an April Fool's joke.

I suspect that they will eventually get around to asking the candidates these questions, allowing the Democrats the sound bite that "ending the war in Iraq would put billions back into the economy and resolve this problem".

The fact that both of these programs were projected to go broke long before the war will not be allowed to interfere with that good sound bite.

Maggie Thurber said...

An April Fool's day joke...I hadn't thought of that...

Sadly, I fear your conclusion about their reporting of the questions/answers may be true...

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