Friday, April 25, 2008

How to measure economic development

Considering all the discussion on economic development, highlighting this on-line column by Matt Sattler in The Toledo Free Press seemed prudent.

It starts with this:

"Given the discordant discourse surrounding the LCIC, objectively measuring its impact on the local economy is necessary. Measuring economic development outcomes is a challenging endeavor. Oftentimes, officials resort to simply counting jobs created and/or retained because of the difficulties surrounding appropriate outcome measurements."

And ends with this conclusion:

"An objective examination of the total economic impact of only these two LCIC deals: 327 new jobs, $58 million in increased output, and $15.9 million in new labor income within Lucas County provides validation to Commissioners Gerken and Wozniak for their bold action in support of the LCIC."

But read the entire article yourself and remember - Sattler is a, now, former LCIC employee driven away by the actions of Ben Konop.

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Tim Higgins said...


I have little doubt that these facts will have little or no impact on Mr. Konop's opinion of the LCIC and it's future.

Then again, few politicians like to have their issues clouded up with inconvenient facts.

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