Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Chris Hackett (Why can't we find a candidate like him?)

In roaming around the internet, I came across an endorsement for Chris Hackett on RedState.com.

Chris is running for Congress in Pennsylvania's 10th Congressional District primary for the Republican nomination.

He's a fiscal (and social) conservative, an entrepreneur, a businessman and a CPA. And he's not afraid to take on the issues - challenging the sitting representative who votes for 'fruit fly research in France.'

The thing I like about Chris is that he's willing to stand for what he believes in, offering Republicans in Pennsylvania a candidate who represents the core values of our party ... something that seems to be lacking in many who currently hold office in D.C.

I know there are people like this in the Toledo, Lucas County, and Ohio area who would be willing to run for public office. I just don't know if our local and state parties are ready for them - yet.


Timothy W Higgins said...


You want to know why we can't find we can't find a candidate like Chris Hackett, then answer your own question. He's a Republican, a conservative, and entrepeneur, and a businessman. The last time that I looked, these were all on the endangered species list here in NW Ohio. :-)

Maggie said...

And along comes Tim with a sledgehammer upside the head...

Actually, it's called a dose of reality because I fear you are correct about such individuals being an endangered species...

Unknown said...

He is a really great candidate. I met him a few weeks ago and i hope he gets to congress.

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