Wednesday, April 09, 2008

On Gen. Petraeus and Congress

"Last September Democrats were frothing at the mouth as they looked for reasons to declare "The Surge" in Iraq an abject failure.

Unfortunately for the wing of the Democratic Party, General Petraeus proved to be the military equivalent of Chief Justice John Roberts - intellectually honest and factually powerful.

Democratic Senators - whose staffs had labored for weeks to develop the "killer question" which would embarrass Petraeus - only served to expose the Senators to be the self-promoting, ill-prepared, unproductive academic pygmies they are.


The Democrats in Congress must take care that they are not seen as rooting for failure in Iraq.

Americans are, by our nature, optimists. We may be exhausted by this war, but we will never be so weary that we want our military personnel to lose.

General Petraeus is representative of the hundreds of thousands of Americans who have answered the call to duty in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Given that, it is politically very dangerous for Democrats to try and paint Petraeus as anything other than a patriot."

~ Rich Galen, Mullings

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Tim Higgins said...


You would think that it would be hard to argue with success, but just wait. Once Gen. Patraeus has gone back to the field, we can get back to liberal politicians claiming that all of the ills of the US would be solved if we would just withdraw from Iraq.

Poverty, hunger, forclosures from sub-prime mortgages, and the maybe even global warming would all go away if we would just get out of Iraq.

yeah, right ...

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