Thursday, April 24, 2008

Rice rationing?

I just have to ask: Is it really rationing when you're limited to purchasing only four 20-pounds bags of rice?

Who, really, purchases 80 pounds of rice at any given time, for a family?

It seems to me that this would impact organizations and such who purchase such quantities to feed large groups. In fact, in this AP story, it's clear that retail-sized portions are not affected and that there really isn't a rice shortage in the U.S.

"USA Rice Federation spokesman David Coia said there is no rice shortage in the United States.

"It's possible that small restaurants and bodega-type neighborhood stores may be purchasing rice in larger quantities than they do typically to avoid higher prices," Coia said about the warehouse chain restrictions."

So is this really a 'crisis'??? Or is it just 'hype'???


Tim Higgins said...


I believe that it's possible that the 80lb limit might have some impact on small restaurants, as Mr, Cola points out. I also believe that there a speculators out there who see the current shortage of rice in some areas as an opportunity to cash in on supply and demand around the world. I even admit that there is a chance that some of the cries of "The sky is falling" creates opportunities for greedy capitalists to take advantage of the panic and raise prices. :-)

Personally, as much as I like rice I would find it difficult to believe that I will eat 80 lbs of rice in the days that are left to me. I likewise believe that the only things truly in short supply these days are logic and common sense.

Robin said...

I don't know... I guess if a person has a small catering company or a really large family, it might be rough if you can only buy 80 lbs at a time.

gordon gekko said...

I can't stand rice. The thought of eating it makes my stomach turn.

But hey, if there's a shortage I'm going to go out and buy 80 lbs at each and every Sam's club and Costco in town.

I wouldn't want to be one without any when we run out. :)

Hooda Thunkit said...

Maybe the push to raise corn for ethanol has the farmers planting corn instead of rice in standing water...

(Looks just as stupid in print as it sounds coming out of my mouth, doesn't it?)

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