Thursday, April 17, 2008

Konop should step down

Considering his public disdain for the LCIC and his admitted goal of destroying the organization, I believe County Commissioner Ben Konop should step down as chairman of the executive director search committee.

He is in a constant contradiction by leading the group responsible for selecting the next executive director of an agency he wants to eliminate. That contradiction needs to be resolved and, since he's said he's going to continue his attacks, the only solution is for him to resign as chairman of the search committee.

Konop is in this position because of his intense opposition to the previous director. Following that resignation, it made sense to put the most vocal critic in charge of finding a replacement. But Konop's mission has changed since October (when it said he'd have a new director in 90 days, later expanded to four months...and it's now been six), and he is now intent on destroying the LCIC and forming his own version of the same organization.

The LCIC board knows this, so if Konop doesn't resign from this committee, his fellow LCIC board members should remove him. They cannot continue to allow this extreme contradiction to negatively impact their efforts to recruit a qualified individual to the position. Removing him from this role will send a message to potential recruits that the board is united in their efforts to support the organization and their new director.


jrs said...

Well-said, Maggie. This should be obvious to Konop. And if it isn't it should be to the various politicos around him (you know who you are...). Maybe his mom could explain it to him.

Tim Higgins said...


You couldn't be more right on this one. Young Ben appears to be telling the LCIC that if they won't let him play by his rules, he will take his ball and go home. I think that it's time we let him.

Hooda Thunkit said...

I like Ben right where he is, because it's easier to keep track of him and his shenanigans.

Seriously though, You'd think that someone, a relative perhaps, could him in to the ways of getting along and making nice, once in a while...

So many role models, so few freshly dug graves...


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