Tuesday, April 08, 2008

City of Toledo gets computer parts on eBay

Yes, they do ... really. But that's only because the system that serves the city is so old that most parts aren't even made anymore.

They did have money in the budget to replace it ... but they took that money out of the Capital Improvements Budget so they could balance the General Fund - and spend money on the Willis Boyer Freighter 'tourist attraction,' a shower for the mayor's office, flowers, and other frivolous items.

Councilwoman Betty Shultz has spent years arguing, pleading, begging, demanding that the city upgrade the financial computers so council members could have accurate and current information about the city's budget and spending. Finally, they've set aside another amount in the CIP for doing so.

But in making the decision, fellow council members were 'shocked' to learn that many parts necessary to keep the current system functioning are only available on eBay. You'd think they would have listened to Betty years ago...

Better late than never, though.

(And our elected leaders wonder why people leave this town!)


Tim Higgins said...


Why should they be surprised, Radio Shack hasn't made a computer in years. :-)

Carol said...

Just think how much money they could save if the bought the new system through Ebay! Yeeehaw!

I swear - sometimes people don't realize that saving money is more costly in the larger picture. But what should we expect? After all - this is a short sighted city. Sadly.

Hooda Thunkit said...

For the record, it isn't a Radio Shack computer.

(But it is coal-fired)


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