Saturday, July 19, 2008

Notes from RightOnline #2

Steven Moore just finished his speech - some highlights:

* Three stooges of the American Presidency: Nixon, Ford, Carter ... with Carter being not only the worst president in history, but the worst past-president in history.

* all those who make more than the median U.S. income (half make more than median and half make less than median) pay 97.1% of taxes...see the Wall Street Journal's lead editorial on Monday.

* Polar bears are not going extinct: in 1960, there were 25,000 polar bears. Today, there are over 50,000. But because of politics - not science - they're now on the endangered species list and are the mascot for global warming.

* No bailouts - for borrowers, lenders or banks. We should not be taxed to pay for bad decisions by others.

More notes later...

Grover Norquist up next...

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