Saturday, July 19, 2008

Notes from RightOnline #6

What an inspiring story - Steve Lonegan, currently the state direction of Americans for Prosperity in New Jersey. He's the former mayor of a small town who got involved in politics because he say businesses and people leaving due to bad management and high taxes - sort of sounds like Toledo, huh?

He was able to reduce the city's budget and outlasted the entrenched bureaucrats who figured he was a one-termer they could just abide for four years.

He said: "We can look to our Founders for inspiration, but we cannot look to them for leadership … leaders come from the living."

Words to remember.

A side note: I got to meet Michael Steele a few minutes ago in the lobby just before he went into the 'green room' for speakers. He's much taller than he looks, but is as personable, friendly, and approachable as he appears on TV. I got to hear him give his speech at the 2004 Republican Convention and have followed his work since then, sad at his election results, but happy as he has taken over leadership of GOPAC. They're saving him for last - and I know we will not be disappointed.

(GOPAC features fellow speaker Michael Williams, as their featured candidate.)

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Kadim said...

It wasn't until I lived in New Jersey that I fully understood many of the local government problems that we have in Ohio. Our government is structured a lot like Jersey's system of government (small very powerful cities with lots of entrenched interests) and the northern half of the state is politically like Jersey.

Jersey can get away with it because its suburbs naturally draw the wealth of New York and Philadelphia. We don't have such a luxury and have to work very hard for the people and businesses we retain.

Although I have to laugh...Jersey has it much worse in some regards. There's no law, for instance, prohibiting someone from holding multiple offices simultaneously. You *can* find someone whose mayor of a town, county freeholder and state representative...simultaneously. Oh man, that would be awful here. :-)

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