Saturday, July 12, 2008

Deed requiring union work forever at Marina District is pulled

Councilman Frank Szollosi has pulled his ordinance that would have instituted a deed restriction at the Marine District project requiring only union workers for anything - forever.

According to today's paper, Szollosi says the ordinance is no longer needed.

"Mr. Szollosi said he is removing the proposed ordinance because of commitments Mr. Dillin made to local union labor. Mr. Dillin last night declined to detail those discussions."

Mayor Carty Finkbeiner and Marine District developer Larry Dillin both said the requirement would kill the project.

So now the only question remains is this: Was Szollosi just using the power of his office to force concessions with the developer by introducing this piece of legislation?

The circumstances are highly suspect. Local councilman with strong support from local unions introduces a deal-breaker ordinance setting out a deed restriction that would require only union labor for any and all work - forever; local developer, who's already invested heavily in the project, meets with entities and makes 'commitments' to local unions; councilman withdraws ordinance.

I think there's a name for this type of 'coercion.' No wonder businesses are leaving the area.


Hooda Thunkit said...

With this kind of "mentality," who would even think of bringing any new business to this area when there are friendlier places just outside of Toledo?Lucas Co.?

I think maybe we've gone beyond Socialism at this point.

And, "Forever?"

Why would any such restrictive limitation ever be placed upon any property?

GraphicsGuy said...

That's GREAT! Sounds like Szollosi might be back on his meds!

Marina District deed restrictions, daycare moritoriums, exorbitant pit bull neutering charges, garbage tax, vacant property tax, convenience store regulations.....

You know, I'm beginning to think that maybe One Government Center was built on a toxic waste dump!

What else could explain Local government and city council's penchant for being STUCK ON STUPID! !

Tim Higgins said...

Evidently Councilman Szollosi was able to do enough private arm twisting to keep him from insisting on a reqirement of very public legislative arm twisting.

Now Larry Dillin gets to proceed with a project that the city is increasingly seeming not to need and the distinguished councilman is able to thump his chest in every union hall in NW Ohio.

Mission Accomplished,,,

skeeter1107 said...

So what if he did withdraw his proposal? The damage is done.

Since we are in the middle of baseball season, I thought I would borrow from pick-up baseball played in childhood. To even float a crude blunt force idea like that is akin to swinging your baseball bat at your teammates because you want to bat first. It's the spoiled child and bully that behaves that way.

So what life lesson is learned from this behavior? Eventually no one shows up to play ball with the bully anymore. How does this apply to the Marina District? It works the same for business. Eventually no one wants to show up and do business with the unpredictable bully politician.

Waving this proposal like a weapon against your teammates was the worse kind of behavior. It tells the other players that Toledo can't be trusted to be a fair player. People don't forget that they were threatened. It's too expensive, it's too uncertain.

So should we be surprised that businesses leave Toledo or won't come to Toledo? They have either experienced this behavior or the reputation of this behavior from Toledo and certain politicians. There is the fear of the unknown and that out of the blue, some special interest will threaten you if you don't do what they say.

So as we continue watching people and companies leave, apparently, Mr. Szollosi hasn't yet comprehended the connection and the negative affects on the future.

On a more individual basis, it also says something troubling about Mr. Szollosi. It is a blatant public admission that the Councilman is a willing slave to special interests?

His actions really say that larger issues be damned, the Councilman has no other real interest than getting elected.....again.

Robin said...

Glad to hear that requirement was pulled.

Tim Higgins said...

I am coming to believe that Councilman Szollosi may know something that we don't. Larry Dillin was not able to produce the letter of credit tied to current budgeting. Banks all over the country are refusing further commercial development debt (like our own 5/3). Maybe Frank is asking, as perhaps the rest of us should:

What Marina District?

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