Saturday, July 19, 2008

Notes on RightOnline #5

Notes from John Fund:

* the 'left' knows that American is center-right ... and that they will lose any debate on the issues, so they disguise the issues and engage in psychological warfare, telling us we can't win so we shouldn't even bother to try.

* the best way to win a war is to not have to fight it in the first place. Democrats will attempt this and the main (lame) stream media will help, quoting polls and surveys.

* however, in the last 10 presidential elections, the Democrat candidate led in the Gallup polls 8 out of 10 times in July ... only 3 of those Democrats went on to win. Since 1944, only one Democrat has run and won more than 50% of the vote … Carter got 50% exactly. The election won't be over until November...and we need to fight.

* in order to win, the Democrats have to change the rules - and they've already started. If they succeed in changing the rules, it will be a very long time before Republicans will be able to be successful.

* If we fight, we win, If we flinch, we lose.

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