Monday, August 04, 2008

Boehner as leader of GOP minority?

The Next Right has an interesting take on the Republicans storming the House floor Friday after Nancy Pelosi turned out the lights and went home.

There has been plenty of attention given to the House Republicans storming the floor and protesting the refusal of House Democrats to vote on legislation increasing the domestic supply of oil.

Aside from the great theatrics of it, something struck me: for the first time, I really saw John Boehner as a solid minority leader, not just of the House Republicans, but of the GOP overall.
I have heard a lot of chatter about the leadership races after the elections, especially if John McCain were to lose. Who would be the symbol or the leader of the GOP?

After Friday, and continuing this week, one could actually imagine John Boehner in that role.

I must admit that I hadn't seen Boehner in such a role, but this column - and his actions over the drilling issue - are making me think twice about it.

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