Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Congrats to Toledo Free Press

This just in:

2008 Ohio Society for Professional Journalists Awards Winners (announced Aug. 27)

Best of Show Newspapers

1. Best Weekly Newspaper
First: Cleveland Scene.
Second: Toledo Free Press.

2. Best Columnist in Ohio
First: Terry Pluto, Cleveland Plain Dealer.
Second: Connie Shultz, Cleveland Plain Dealer.
Third: Michael S. Miller, Toledo Free Press.

3. Best Media Criticism
First: “High-School Newspaper's Sex Issue has Caused a Stir,” Dana Wilson, Columbus Dispatch.
Second: “As Snow Returns, So Does Hyperbole,” Jeb Phillips, Columbus Dispatch.
Third: “Stockholm in the Rearview Mirror,” Michael S. Miller, Toledo Free Press.

1 comment:

Tim Higgins said...


I suspected that Michael was good, and am not surprised that many in his profession agree. Kudos to Michael and the Free Press on such recognition.

Hey, by the way...
The Mayor is all about awards won in the city, and The Blade likes to publish such award notitfications. What do you think are the odds that either will take notice of these awards?

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