Friday, August 01, 2008

Tell Congress to get back to work!

Our GOP congressmen decided it wasn't right to go home without voting on an energy bill, so when Nancy Pelosi turned off the microphones, the cameras and the lights, they stayed in the House, calling for Congress to address the issue of gas prices.

Yes, it was a political stunt, but it's the first time in a long time that our Republican reps have shown a spine and insisted upon what the public wants.

If you believe Congress should be working instead of taking the next five weeks off, you can sign a petition telling them to 'don't go.'

Remember, they work for us and it's irresponsible of them to refuse to hold a vote simply because they think the vote will not go as they want. This is not democracy, nor is it a representative republic and they need to be shown that we expect better from our employees.


navyvet said...

Usually, the World is a better place when Congress is NOT in session.

Just when ya need 'em....they skip town.

Hence their 9% approval rating...

I can't say what I want to say about the Speaker....nope, I really can't....

But I think it! :)

Ben said...

It was the highest moment for the House GOP since they lost power in 2006....and probably well before that.

Tim Higgins said...


The speaker said again over the weekend that drilling is not a quick fix, that no results will be seen for 10 years, and she is only trying to save the planet.

I haven't heard anyone asking for a "quick fix", only a fix, which had it been attempted 10 years ago (under Pres. Clinton) would now be reaping results. As for saving the planet, I guess the only way to do so in the Speaker's mind is to kill the US.

Maggie Thurber said...

Tim - The Next Right has a good description of how the decision to drill now can impact prices immediately:

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