Saturday, August 23, 2008

GOP VP prediction

Now that the 'big reveal' has taken place on the Democrat side, I can only wonder if as much attention will be paid to whom John McCain picks.

While I don't normally do this, I will make a prediction: I think it will be either South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford or Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour.

While this is partly wishful hoping, these two individuals have excellent conservative credentials AND they've got the administrative experience McCain lacks. They also provide a significant contrast to the Democrat ticket which now consists of two legislators.

My hope is that Sanford is selected as I think he's the best choice for McCain - and the country. Sanford's success as a governor, his reputation for keeping his promises, his youthfulness, his education and background (grew up on farm, has an MBA), and his conservative vote record - all join together to provide a good compliment to McCain.

Additionally, Sanford was often a second 'no' vote while in Congress, often joining with Rep. Ron Paul on issues of pork and unconstitutional expenditures. That reputation could help McCain reclaim some of the conservatives (Republican and Independent) who are leaning toward a third-party candidate.

But his biggest asset is that he knows how to govern - not just legislate - and he's proved it. That's something the Democrats, and even McCain, cannot claim.

Of course, I could be completely off in left field. Your thoughts?

UPDATE: my husband has suggested I might be off in RIGHT field...LOL!


Cynical Counsel said...

ROAR -- Obama picks a loudspeaker! Sorry, a loud speaker.

I would love to have the chance to moderate a debate between the tickets. The rule would be no one can use the name Bush.

Obama has picked the loudest proclaimer of Bush lied rhetoric as his running mate. Forget that he contradicts or makes up facts, forget he is a two time presidential candidate looser, and forget that he is entrenched in the most unsuccesful, stagnant and unpopular congresses in history. He yells long and hard.

Does he help with Obama's lack of foreign policy - some, thats it. But, do you think Obama is just going to hand the foreign reigns to a long standing, catholic, blue collar, Senator who "appeals to southern democrats." No Way! Biden is at the end of his run, and will do what he is told just to stay in the game and PRAY for 2016. Take a seat in the corner Joe, Barrack is running this show.

On the upside it won't be long before Biden gets his dander up in front of a microphone and gets terminal foot in mouth disease AGAIN.

"Some of my best friends wives, cousins have had pain killer addiction, they are still good women, I just wouldn't want them doing dishes in the White house!!"

"Heck, I once took too many Viagra, couldn't get that monkey off my back for more than four hours"

Thanks Barrack - we appreciate the help.


Sorry for the tangent Maggie - I agree on your ticket choices. Although both are a bit obscure, that might help since we are battleing the "change" ticket. But, wait, Biden is change?

navyvet said...

Wow Maggie,

Way to think out of the box. I keep coming up w/ Romney. My pic for Pres. (After Thompson blew it.)

Barbour keeps on coming across as a "good ole boy." He does it very, very well. He is smart. He is sharp. He also has an accent that could sell grits in Alaska. (I love grits.)

I am sorry that I don't know Sanford, but based on your summary and the bits and pieces I've heard in recent months, I do like him, "sight unseen."

In contrast to Joe B? No contest.

BHO = empty suit w/ no experience.

Joe B. = stuffed shirt w/ a track record that won't be a + :)

Looking at pro-HRC web sites this morning has been a hoot!!

Oh, I love the smell of coffee in the morning......

Hooda Thunkit (Dave Zawodny) said...


I know that it is a long shot, but my choice would be Alaska's Governor Sarah Palin.

She couldn't bring many electoral votes to the party but what she lacks in votes, she more than makes up for in conservatism,speaking presence, and she both walks and talks "the talk."

She is an accomplished Mom and she ain't too hard on the eyes ;-)

She sure would "dress up" the ticlet in so many ways.

Tami N. said...

Check out McCain's ad on Biden:

Navyvet my vote is also for Romney

Judy said...

Still think his best pick is a women, but as I said on GCJ, not Condi Rice! I need to check out Sarah Palin, she just might make it interesting!

Maggie said...

While I like Gov. Palin, I don't think the pick should be based on gender.

She doesn't bring to the ticket the length of experience the other two offer and she isn't as well-known to be able to pull in those who are leery of McCain's more moderate reputation.

I'd see her as a stronger candidate in 4 years.

Cynical Counsel said...

I was born and raised in Alaska (big hint as to TAHL identity) and while Palin may be a strong future player in the GOP, she is short on experience right now, and a bit obscure. A McCain win, and perhaps some active participation in his Presidency (I don't think she would take a cabinet spot) would help.

Right now all Alaskan GOPers are suffering and will be associated with the recent indictment of Senator Ted Stevens related to his relationship with "big oil" another reason to give Gov. Palin a few years to grow.


Publius said...

I think either of those picks would be great. I too hope for Sanford.

It's really bothering me that there is all of this talk of Lieberman, Ridge, and Romney. Neither of those three is truly conservative, whereas I think Sanford is. Let's keep our fingers crossed.


Timothy W Higgins said...


Rarely in politics has the VP nominee brought victory to a presidential candidate (I believe LBJ may have been the last). In addition, the job of VP is often treated as a "red-haired stepchild", with little access to the president and little or no power and authority on their own.

That being the case, and while a number of really good people have been mentioned, you have to wonder how much difference it will make other than the hype leading up to the announcement.

The only real concern on the Republican side may be that with John McCain's age, a choice should be made for someone who is ready to step into the office if called upon. History has proved that even there we can be suprised, as with the job that Harry Truman did following FDR.

Maggie said...

Usually, Tim, I'd agree that the Veep doesn't have that much impact. I think this election is a bit different because of McCain's penchant for the middle. A good conservative VP will help those who might otherwise sit out this vote decide to vote for McCain. Another moderate like himself could drive such voters elsewhere. And it wouldn't take many going third party to tip the scales to Obama...imho

Unknown said...

I'm going to join the predicting Palin group. Or, United States Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison from Texas.

The gender aspect aside, it would send a message that McCain was looking for diversity, youth and a different perspective in his VP candidate.

Maggie said...

Thanks for joining in Lisa.

I, too, considered Kay Bailey...I'm a big fan of hers anyway. But she's another legislator and I think a better contrast between the two tickets would be to pick a governor, especially now that Obama has picked Biden.

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