Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Toledoans to get first view of new garbage can sizes

This in via email:

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

City of Toledo Unveils New Refuse/Recycling Carts

The City of Toledo Division of Solid Waste has partnered with local businesses to assist citizens in selecting the appropriate sized carts for the forthcoming automated refuse and recycling collection. Grey carts will be used for refuse collection, and blue carts for recycling. The carts will be available for viewing from Thursday, May 14 through Monday, June 8.

Citizens are requested to visit one of the following locations to view the cart sizes (96 gallon, 64 gallon or 48 gallon) and make their selection:

· The Andersons (Monroe & Talmadge)
· The Toledo Food Center located at 303 Main Street
· Sunoco Foodmart - 4810 Suder Avenue
· Walmart - 2925 Glendale
· Save A Lot - 3030 Monroe in Swayne Field

The City of Toledo recommends selecting both containers in the 96 gallon size provide the most capacity for refuse and recyclable materials. However, citizens who believe handling or storing the cart will present a problem are urged to visit one of the above locations to select a smaller size. Citizens who do not select a cart size within the viewing time frame will be assigned the default 96 gallon cart. Those unable to visit one of the viewing locations will be able to make their selection online at the City of Toledo's Website ( Citizens who do not wish to participate in the City's recycling program are urged to contact the Division of Solid Waste to ensure no recycling cart is delivered to their home.

No word on what happens to the cans that those of us in the pilot areas still have....


Hooda Thunkit (Dave Zawodny) said...


The City still has no business buying these bins for us.

If we buy them ourselves, we'll not only make wiser choices but we'll take better care of them.

(The way I see it, it's just like welfare money, If you have to pay for things with your own, earned money, you are generally a wiser shopper...)

Brian said...

I have heard from my neighbor who is a solid waste employee (garbageman) and he said we will have to return them because the city was borrowing them from a outside contractor. I think it is dumb to return both the grey and the blue containers...who wants a used garbage container....anyone....Bueller..Bueller...In my opinion if I am going to be charged the same flat fee for a 96 gallon trash container or a smaller size give me the 96 gallon trash container even if I only place a grocery size bag of garbage in it. IMHO

Timothy W Higgins said...

The new trash cans are here! The new trash cans are here!

This would be mildly interesting if it were not one more instance of the city making choices for me that I might not make for myself.

Well, except for the fact that I am one of those evil renters (you know, the ones who don't directly pay property tax) whose apartment complex has a contract with an independent trash hauler. So my tax dollars will be used (once again) for something which I will never use.

m said...

The cans arrived in our neighborhood about a month ago. We live in a duplex and only received one pair of cans. Needless to say, sharing one pair for both households the trash does not all fit. I've called the trash dept 4 times now. They tell me cans will come but they have no idea when and there is nothing they can do. I even offered to go pick them up myself but they say it's in some company's hands and there is nowhere for them to send me.

We scheduled a bulk pickup, they didn't come. We scheduled another, had to wait a week and a half due to Christmas. Garbage is still piling up.

Supposedly they are coming today but as the day progresses I doubt it. All they say when I call is that the truck is still out. So I'm supposed to call when the truck gets back to be told to wait till next week?

Meanwhile the local crazy woman down the road decided our trash is her business and stood at the end of our driveway yelling obscenities at us and calling my pregnant wife names because she doesn't like to see the garbage.

Any suggestions?

Maggie said...

morgauo - You might want to try your district city council member to see if they can speed up the delivery of the cans for the second housing unit. As for the crazy woman, I'd call the police and make a 'disturbing the peace' report...if she's really crazy, it may be what she needs to get help.

I know they've been delivering cans across the city...but have no idea about the order. Streets near us got their new cans early last week, but the streets in another part of the point were getting theirs today. You'd think they'd do all of Point Place at one time - but obviously not.

And I still have the old cans from the pilot program. I'm wondering if they're going to give me new ones - or not charge me for them since I've still got the old ones. My guess is they'll want the cash regardless of whether or not we get the new cans.

Good luck!

m said...

Thanks for the suggestion! I'll give that a try for sure!

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