Friday, July 23, 2010

AFP Right On Line #2

RightOnLine's Opening Session rough notes.

Ann McElhinney, Director of the movie "Not Evil Just Wrong."

* went across to Netroots Nation to hear Van Jones so we wouldn't have to. Room was only about half full.
* According to what she heard, Van Jones believes that George Bush orchestrated the 9-11 attack on our nation.
* He said that most of the problems faced by the Progressive Movement and Barack Obama is because we banished those who would filter the news. He also said there are people engineering viruses to infect progressives. I say, 'Hello lovely, lovely viruses.'
* He said we don't need to worry about the debt because there is plenty of money out there - ask Haliburton. I say, they have no issue with the wealth of George Soros or Ophra Winfrey. They don't have an issue wealth, only with certain people who have it.
* He said something I've been saying: the way a culture evolves is by stories. I say, all over Hollywood, they're telling anti-development, anti-American, anti-capitalist stories to every house, every school child, every American. Where are the oil men telling the story of the people they employ and the comforts they make possible because of the product they produce? We don't need moratoriums, we need more energy - of all kinds.
* So I'm going to tell a story. When we came to America, we were told conservatives were obsessed with sex - that they were too interested in what you do in your bedroom. But we haven't found that to be the case. What we have found is that progressives might not be in your bedroom, but they're in every other room in your house, from your refrigerator to your bathroom, down to actually being inside your light bulb!
* People need to hear the tremendous success story of American capitalism. It has given us the best of everything and most people don't realize that the many benefits and luxuries they enjoy are the result of that capitalism.
* While progressives are telling us we should all drive electric cars, they're protesting coal mining. Where do they think the electricity they need actually comes from?
* You must watch the movie Avatar. It has the most unbelievable and most hypocritical message ever.

And then she ran out of time....

Emery McClendon - blogger and Tea Party Organizer:

* Yes, I am a tea party organizer. I am a tea party speaker. I am a true red, white and blue American.
* I was told I couldn't do a tea party because the tea party is racist.
* I told people on election night that they had the right time, but the wrong black man.

(McClendon is a black man.)

* Founding fathers built this nation on limited government and capitalism.
* If you're not angry about what's going on, get angry. If you're already angry, stay angry.
* We can restore America: Hear us Congress. Hear us Harry Reid. Hear us Nancy Pelosi. You will hear us in November.
* People want to diminish American but we will not let that happen.
* We are going to rise up and take our nation back.

(He gave an extremely energetic and powerful speech!)


KB9IBW said...

I am Emery McClendon of
Thank you for posting your nice comments about my short unexpected speech at Rightonline Las Vegas.

I believe in America, and I know that we must work hard to save our Republic. I am doing all that I can to preserve our Freedom.

I want to thank AFP and Rightonlie for naming me the 2010 "Activest Of The Year."

God Bless

Maggie Thurber said...

Emery - Congrats on being named Activist of the Year!!! It's a great honor and well-deserved.

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