Saturday, July 24, 2010

AFP Right On Line #5

Continuing with the general session speakers:

Guy Benson, Political Editor for

* My first trip to Las Vegas, home state of Harry Reid, who is so popular that his own son, running for governor, is omitting his last name.
* We want to re-focus the public's attention on the health care bill. We've isolated eight of the central promises made when promoting the bill: not a tax, will reduce spending, you can keep your plan, etc... And we demonstrate that each and every one is either a ludicrous promise or an outright lie.
* We have a law that the public does not want, will not do what defenders said it would and will bankrupt the country.
* It is built on lies and needs to be repealed.
* Essential step is to make the change at the ballot box and then hold Republicans responsible to their re-discovery of the limited government principles they are supposed to support.
* There are a couple of Republicans in Congress who could use some friendly adult supervision - and our task is to provide that to them after the coming Republican 'revolution' in the fall.

Roger Hedgecock, grassroots leader and radio host:

* Reporter asked me why we don't have Netroots speakers here and send our speakers there? No one wants to listen to their 'talk show hosts' anyway.
* I'm through talking and ready to act. I'm taking my talk show host to Arizona to stand up for Arizona. (lots of applause)
* I asked the host hotel is they were ready. They said yes.
* Last week the President, in filings in the case, said the federal government has the right to not enforce certain immigration laws. Thought that was part of the oath to uphold the law??? Time to stand up - we are all Arizonans.
* As Americans, we could not have a service greater to our country than defeating Harry Reid in November.
* When President went to Missouri to campaign, I responded by having Roy Blunt on my show and did something I've never done before: I asked people that if they liked what they heard to donate, go work in Missouri for the candidate, get involved.
* We have to do this in every district and every Senate seat.
* We're going on the road...because we're going to defeat the Obama machine in Illinois, send Russ Feingold back to the private sector, elect Rubio in Florida.
* We don't just reject them telling us that they know better how to spend our money than we do, we reject that they know better how to spend money not yet earned by our children better than our children do.
* We have to retire them one by one.
* We are the ones to do it. Today we're going to put Harry Reid's voting record on every door in Henderson, NV. We're going to tell them truth - and it will set us all free.

Dr. Joe Heck, candidate for Congress (NV-3) - his race was moved from toss-up to leans Republican:

* For the first time, we run the risk of leaving to our children a nation that is not better than what we have.
* I refuse to jeopardize our children's future with run-away spending.
* Patriots across America are afraid of what the future holds, they worry about the agenda coming from this government that forces government control of and intrusion into our lives.
* We need leaders who know what it means to sign the front of the check - not just the back of a check.
* We also need more elected leaders who have worn the uniform of our country.
* We need leaders who know that the people's interest needs to be represented - not the interest of groups like unions, environmentalists or trial lawyers.
* These liberal interests and policies are unacceptable and must be stopped.
* My opponent followed like a lemming the failing policies of Nancy Pelosi and is motivating her liberal liars in the race. She is Pelosi's puppet and if we are going to retire Nancy Pelosi, we need to retire her.
* It is races like mine that will help take back our country.
* This year, more than ever, you must understand the weight of your words and your ability to control the on-line debate and ensure that the conservative message survives the onslaught of liberal spending.

Erick Erickson,

* We're coming and we're going to take over and we're going to recover our nation.
* When we 'set the clock back,' we're going back before George W. Bush, too. We need to stop looking at the letter behind someone's name. We have to hold our side accountable, too.
* Brooms - sweep them out of office.
* Churchill quote: if you will not fight when you can win, you will have to fight when the odds may be against you for if you do not fight, you will be slaves (paraphrased).
* Some of us are going to get ahead, some of aren't, but government should not hold us back just because others cannot. Politicians want to punish those who get ahead, but we cannot let that happen.
* These issues are not 'tea party' issues, they are American issues. Put down the protest signs and pick up the campaign signs. It's time to hit the doors, get out the vote. It's time to beat the Democrats. It's time to beat the Republicans.
* In DC, there are two parties: Democrats and Democrat-lite.
* I want more people on the 'right' but all the talking heads in DC want to talk about is 'finding common ground.' I don't want to stand next to them, I want to beat them.
* There is no common ground: they want to destroy us, we want to build up the country.
* Writing a book and one chapter is about Pres. Obama's fight with everything except the enemy.
* I love this country and if we want to preserve our freedoms, we have to win and they have to fail. Rush is right: America wins when Democrats lose.
* told story ... In 1862, we were the envy of the world - in America, unlike anywhere else in the world, every man can make himself. But not for long, and this is a reality we must face.
* Discern who the real friends and enemies are, but in all cases, stand on the side of freedom and fight like hell in November.

Curtis Sliwa, radio host:
* I may not please people with what I say, but I'm not a politician.
* I'm not loyal to a party or a religion, but I am loyal to my country and will support my country because I don't need the government to take care of me because I can so myself.
* We need to support our 'real' community organizers so Republicans and Democrats have an ex-lax attack when they see thousands outside their offices.
* When government interferes, we, the taxpayers, suffer.
(I cannot type as fast as Sliwa talks with his rhetoric and alliteration...)
* We need to treat all crime the same - if you commit the crime, you do the time. Do not protect them and take their campaign contributions - banks 'too big to fail' or financial institutions you've bailed out.
* We want government out of lives, we have huge debt, but I'm a free agent and I must get out and do the things that we've previously turned over to government.
* Government tells us we cannot survive without them - we must prove them wrong.
* New York City went to federal government and asked the president to bail them out and the president said, 'drop dead.'
* I'm a New Yorker and we wanted to bailed out by the taxpayers in Nebraska and Iowa??? But we were told no and we had to get our house in order. We had to adopt fiscal restraint.
* The result was lawlessness and I organized young men and women and formed the Guardian Angels. We haven't taken one dime or penny of taxpayer dollars!
* The politicians in DC have been on the ropes before - don't let them off the ropes this time around.
* If we are to rein in government, we must step forward and volunteer. We can make a difference - we can change the world and change the future of America. Our land needs fighters who are not quitters. The principles must perservere and if we are to win, we must take back the work we have outsourced to government.
* I want my country back - I'm going to take it back.

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