Saturday, July 24, 2010

AFP Right On Line #7

Continuing speakers from the general session:

Sharon Angle, Candidate for U.S. Senate in Nevada (running against Harry Reid):

* I'm running for the people's seat from Nevada in the Senate. I was told the fate of the nation rests on me - but it really rests on you.
* We have a calling - a purpose: to pass on the American dream to our children and our grandchildren - not deficits and debt.
* Harry Reid says he needs $25 million - I say I need 1 million people with $25 each...
* We need a one nation under God - not one nation under government.
* We can do better and our country deserves 'better.' Reid says he is 'doing more.' We have 14.2% unemployment, the highest home foreclosure rate in the nation, the highest bankruptcy rate in Nevada. We need Harry Reid to stop 'doing more.'
* If we want more tax revenue, reduce the tax rates, so I signed the pledge to permanently repeal the death tax.
* "We the people' are the solution. We know what it takes to put the country back on the right path.
* Pay Back on the deficits and debt, and the Social Security fund.
* Cut Back on spending: the federal government has only enumerated powers and everything else is for the states, so we can cut departments and agencies that would be best at the state level - like the dept. of education that forces down one-size-fits-all policies that fail; shrink the size of the federal government.
* Every state needs at least one sheriff like Joe Arpaio (Maricopa County)
* Take Back our economy and our lives from the government. Talk about what real restructuring looks like: audit the fed, liquidate Fanny Mae and Freddie Mac (phony mae and fraudy mack).
* We have the right contract with America: our Constitution and the Bill of Rights.
* We have the right 'Angle' to defeat Harry Reid.

November is Coming ad with photos of Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama to the tune of the theme from Jaws...

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