Friday, July 23, 2010

Right On Line 2010

I'm at RightOnLine, sponsored by Americans For Prosperity, in Las Vegas, Nevada.

This event is primarily a training session for conservative activists and it's held in the same city and the same time as the liberal event, Netroots Nation.

New for 2010, they've broken out the training sessions into four tracks:

* Online Activism 101, which is geared toward individuals who are just starting their online activism;
* Advanced Online Activism, for more experienced new media people focusing on being more strategic and effective in their efforts;
* Citizen Journalism, or the investigative reporting track;
* Public Policy, providing details and thorough information on AFP's policy priorities including killing the death tax, the takeover of the Internet, global warming/energy policy and state fiscal crisis;
* Grassroots Activism, showing activists how to get involved beyond the new media tools.

The agenda certainly provides something for everyone.

In addition to the training sessions, the following people are scheduled to speak:

* Congressman Mike Pence (R-IN)
* Ann McElhinney, director for the movie "Not Evil Just Wrong" (which was previewed by The Children of Liberty in Maumee last year)
* Herman Cain, who is also doing a live radio show from RightOnLine this afternoon
* Congresswoman Michele Bachmann (R-MN)
* FCC Commissioner Roberty McDowell

I listed the key note speakers in yesterday's post.

I will be joining my friends EM Zanotti and Chris Faulkner in today's last Online Activism 101 track, Getting Started: Where to go from here? Then tonight, we'll enjoy the comedy of Evan Sayet (Right to Laugh) and Steven Kruiser, a conservative comedian and Fox News Contributor.

For those of you who read my posts through my Facebook stream, I'll be blogging more than usual today and tomorrow, so I hope you won't mind the additional posts. During the general sessions and key note speakers, I'll be blogging their comments in bullet form so you can participate on line.

Hope you enjoy!

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