Saturday, July 24, 2010

AFP Right On Line #6

Continuing with general session speakers...

Phil Kerpen, AFP Vice President Policy:

* Van Jones is speaking across the way - after being fired, he was embraced by the left...he is teaching a course at Princeton, got an award from the NAACP.
* If this man says 'green jobs' will destroy the capitalist system and he's so embraced by the Democrats, should we think the Democrats want to destroy our capitalist economy?
* Does anyone believe Harry Reid when he says 'cap and tax' is out of the energy bill? We don't either.
* Lame-duck threat is bigger than just the energy bill, a value added tax, other tax increase, a 'labor reform bill' with card check, an immigration bill with amnesty...everything with their extreme left-wing agenda that they cannot get passed now will be on the list after November.
* No Republican Senator should vote for any policy change in a lame-duck session. Do not help the Democrats in a lame-duck session.
* They should not help disregard the wishes of the people.
* We need to get every member of the House to commit now to not making policy changes in any lame-duck session.
* Have more bad news: Obama administration is using executive power in ways it's never been used before and avoiding Congress to advance his leftist ideas.
* The EPA wants to apply the Clean Air Act to regulating everything - they have 18,000 pages of ways they think they can regulate global warming under the guise of 'clean air.'
* All Republicans but only six Democrats voted to restrict the EPA's power, needed 51 votes, in June.
* Heard last night how the FCC wants to regulate the Internet - Congress must step in and prevent them from doing this. A bureaucracy should not get away with these things.
* Even the National Labor Relations Board is in the mix. Craig Becker's nomination to the NLRB was rejected, bi-partisan vote, but he was appointed in a recess by Obama and now he is promoting card check as a regulation rather than as a vote by Congress.
* We finally repealed the moratorium on off-shore drilling in 2008...and now Obama has a new moratorium on the only place we had left to drill.
* We need Congress to stand up for itself and stop the Executive Branch from imposing laws that they cannot get through our elected representatives.

Kirby Wilbur, radio host:

* Tail winds of freedom are reaching the left coast.
* We are at a crossroads in American history and we will decide on November 2 which way to go.
* If we do not win in November, the left and the Obama Administration will feel vindicated by our failure and will move us any further the wrong way.
* Unlike the left, I believe American is an exceptional country - there is no where else to go where we can be free.
* No other country was founded on such ideals...and they are at stake on November 2nd.
* It is our responsibility to ensure the fires of freedom still burn.
* We've defeated the enemies of freedom in the past and we can do so again if we rise up and meet our responsibilities.
* We have lives and we want to be left alone. The left wants to run our lives for us. We must not just try, we must do, as Churchill said. And we must do on November 2nd.
* The rest of the world has somewhere to run to for freedom...we don't.
* On November 3rd, we're going to wake up and hear either we won or Obama won. Please consider what earlier generations have done for us and what we must do today, so that when you wake up on November 3rd, you hear the 'right' thing.
* Guarantee America for your children.

Herman Cain, radio show host and Fox News contributor:

* Intro had a tape of saying "We made our money the old fashioned way. We worked for it."
* Intro also gave his history as owner of Godfather's Pizza and other entrepreneurial efforts.
* It was Dr. Mayes (sp?) who was president of Morehouse College who said the tragedy of life is not in failing to reach your goals, but of failing to have goals...calamity not to have dreams.
* I have a dream... that in November of 2010, we're going to change the House of Politicians back to the House of Representatives the way it's supposed to be.
* I have a dream... that when the spending revolt is over, spending will never be the same again in DC.
* I have a dream that we are going to return to those principles that our founders envisioned for the greatest nation the world has ever seen.
* Those principles created the greatest country in the world and some of us want to keep it that way.
* Three challenges ...
* One, we must stay united in our goal of freedom and prosperity. The people in DC don't have a clue and that's a good thing.
* Liberals are so desperate because the fact is that the stimulus bill isn't working so they keep changing the subject so people don't know what's going on.
* They are desperate to keep a grip around the neck to keep they've resorted to name calling - saying we're racists (Cain is a black man). The good news is that it is backfiring.
* Two, we must stay informed ... because stupid people are ruining this country.
* When 50% of the people can be persuaded by a slick speech or ad, we must have the knowledge... the numbers are on our side, but we must get our fellow conservatives off the couch because November is coming.
* Three, stay inspired. They want us to believe we cannot do this...that we must 'save' our image.
* In 1996, I was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. I was told about a 30% chance of being alive five years from now, so I asked, what do I have to do to solve this problem? Three weeks ago I go my latest results and CAT scan and after four years I have been totally cancer free.
* I tell you this because that was God telling me, "not yet because I've got something for you do." I've got to help take back our country and our government in 2010.
* Another story that inspires me is that I've often been put in positions where people tell me it can't be done. I learned in college that the bumble bee is not supposed to be able to fly, based upon aerodynamics. But we know it can be done because we see it. But mathematicians try to prove it, so they run tests, etc... and the computer tells them 'the sucker can't fly.' So they do more testing and put the results in a bigger, faster computer and the bigger, faster computer comes back and says, 'the sucker still can't fly.'
* The only reason the bumble bee flies is because it didn't get the memo telling him he can't. He believes he can and he does.
* I have a dream that we can take our country back, we must take our country back and we will do this.
* While do I believe we can make this happen? Because we've got bumble bee power.
* I have a dream for 2010 and I BELIEVE we are going to take back our government. (standing ovation)

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