Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Analysis of Toledo's proposed budget

Karen Shanahan is a former candidate for Toledo City Council. During her campaign, she started a website, Shanahan Select, that she has continued to this day.

Karen's been taking a very serious look at Toledo's proposed 2008 budget, along with some of the items included - like the trash tax and the ambulance takeover.

I want to compliment Karen on her analysis so far and strongly encourage you to read her various posts on the subject. She raises a lot of valid questions about the costs, estimates and previous decisions of council.

I can only wonder how different Toledo City Council might be had someone with her attention to detailed numbers - and penchant for fiscal analysis - been elected. After reading her posts, I think you'll agree that such questions and issues need to be addressed ... promptly.


Hooda Thunkit (Dave Zawodny) said...

I wish her well, but they're going to try and break her spirit; they always do...


Robin said...

Thanks, for the link!

Frank said...

It is amazing to see all the waste that is happening. While I did look at the proposed budget, it was hard at times to figure out. But Mrs Shanahan has done a great job with her insight. I wish there was some means for the citizens of Toledo to get acess to this information before March 4th. Hmmmm...maybe if Mr. Chirdon at WTOL was to see some of this, he might change his editorial.

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