Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Lucas County again the focus of presidential campaigns

In 2004, Lucas County saw multiple visits from presidential candidates and their surrogates. In fact, the Seagate Convention center was the site of 3 visits within 7 days, just prior to the election in 2004 - not an easy task, but one they carried out very well.

Again it appears that the county and surrounding areas will get its share of visits from the presidential campaigns as Senators Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and John McCain all plan to make stops prior to the March 4 primary.

What remains to be seen is the influence Ohio will have on the presidential race. In 2004, it went to Bush, but 2006 saw a sweep by Democrats for all but one state-wide office. Dems are hoping that momentum will carry forward, while the GOP hopes the state will stay in their column.

Be sure to tune in to Eye On Toledo on Wednesday, March 5th, as Fritz Wenzel, Communication Director for Zogby International, breaks down the results of Ohio's primary and the implications for Toledo and the surrounding area.

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