Friday, February 15, 2008

An apology to the Marines? Not really

Carty Finkbeiner will sign the City Council resolution apologizing to the Marines for the way they were treated last weekend when, after months of planning, they were told to 'get out of the city' and not conduct their urban training exercises.

But - Carty, himself, won't apologize. He still thinks he did nothing worth apologizing for.

And, if you read the story - or listen to any of the podcasts on WSPD - you'll note that he doesn't think this has any type of detrimental impact on the reputation of Toledo.

Delusional...and this editorial from WTOL's Bob Chirdon says it all.


gordon gekko said...

The best part.... he'll continue to be re elected and people will wonder why the city is swirling down the drain like bath tub scum.

JMM said...

Hi Maggie,

Below is from the TFP. Carty is now blaming a deceased TPD officer for the "miscommuniation". I am at a loss for words. Just when you think he couldn't be or get any worse. I am curious to see if the police union says something.

John M

"A Toledo police officer who died Feb. 2 may have been responsible for the "communication breakdown" that led to a Marine Corps unit being denied a scheduled training exercise Downtown, the city's mayor said.
His incapacitation contributed, in all probability, to information maybe not flowing as normally as it very possibly might have," Finkbeiner said."

tanksoldier said...

As I understand it a proposed tax increase that the Toledo city government thinks it really needs may fail to pass in the backlash of the Mayor's stupidity. Apparently cuts in police and fire protection have been threatened in an attempt to cow voters into passing the measure.

Has anyone in Toledo asked this question: If the tax increase fails to pass how much of a pay cut will the Mayor and City Council take, and how much will they reduce their expenses and staff, in order to keep police officers and firefighters on the job?

PS: You elected a guy named FINKBEINER? I mean, really. What did you expect?

Maggie Thurber said...

Yes, tanksoldier, that's his name and this is the third time he's been elected mayor. As some described it, the choice last time was between "lazy" and "crazy" ... but they're both Democrats and I'm a go figure.

Anyway, they haven't yet publicized any plans for cuts should the tax fail.

They are counting on it being passed by the "sheeple" as fellow blogger Hooda Thunkit calls them...and there's nothing so far to indicate otherwise.

However, my prediction is that many will take out their frustrations on the mayor by saying 'no' to this tax.

You can read my column on this in the Toledo Free Press, here:

(be sure to scroll down...)

BizzyBlog said...

Congrats on the Instalanche and Malkinlanche at the Toledo Free Press.

-Sepp said...

That WTOL editorial was well put and said it all.

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