Monday, February 11, 2008

Carty sends letter to Marines - doesn't apologize for making them leave Toledo, but invites them back

Here is the text of his letter, per the press release sent out with the request to include it in any media coverage of the story:

February 11, 2008


My respect and admiration for the U.S. Marine Corp., as well as the U.S. Military, is second to no other citizen's. Over the years, I have always been supportive of our military services, including active participation in Memorial Day services, special military events, and a variety of community programs supporting the armed services.

In my recent conversations with Major Jeffrey Brooks, Weapons Company, Perrysburg, Ohio and Lt. Col Francis Piccoli, Director of Public Affairs Marine Force Reserve, New Orleans, I have stated my regret that there was a communication breakdown between the U.S. Marine Corp. and my office. I accept full responsibility for that breakdown. I have further stated my desire to have the U.S. Marine Corp. conduct training exercises in the City of Toledo, wherever appropriate, with the probable exception of the Central Business District.

Please accept this as a formal invitation, on behalf of the City of Toledo, to make arrangements through my office at 419-245-1001. I will then assign the appropriate people on my staff to work with the Marine Corp. staff to accommodate the needs of our community and yet meet any requirements you may have.

I look forward to working with your organization to maintain your status as the nation's premiere force in readiness. If in the interim I can provide any further assistance, please do not hesitate to call me or my Chief of Staff, Mr. Robert R. Reinbolt, for assistance.

From Toledo -
an International Award Winning City!

Carty Finkbeiner


I will again state that Carty obviously doesn't understand the need for URBAN training in a downtown area with alleys, doorways, multiple buildings of varying sizes...ala Toledo's central business district, which is pretty much vacant during the weekends.

Additionally, he's going to make sure HE is in charge of any arrangements in the future.

I'm so embarrassed.

SIDEBAR: Did you notice that Carty refers to the U.S. Marine Corps as "Corp."???


Brian Maxson said...


As a proud Toledoan, it truly sickens me to watch Carty not only backpeddle after truly realizing the depth of his temper and the repercussions of his action, but to even pander to these Marines in this manner not only reeks of damage control, but his true lack of sincerity is an insult to those of us who stand proud with our Marines.

Carty had a split second to decide how mature to handle this, and since he chose the wrong approach as usual, and the fallout will be his legacy, his even thinking time will heal these woulds just accentuates how out of touch he truly is.

If he truly cared about the community, he'd be paying a lot closer attention.

Maggie Thurber said...

Agreed, Brian...

Tim Higgins said...

I can see where the Mayor might be worried about scaring the people in downtown Toledo on a Friday night (both of them). I am forced to believe however, that he may have been more concerned about the empty buildings that the Marines were going to attack, like One Goverment Center.

Robin said...

Does Carty have the right to offer up the Northtown Square Mall or the Jones Junior High buildings to the Marines?

Maggie Thurber said...

Robin - the city of Toledo doesn't own either of these so the proper thing to do would be to talk to the owners and get their permission and only if they said yes, to offer them as alternatives.

But that goes quite contrary to Carty's ready-shoot-aim approach to things.

Robin said...

I just thought it quite odd that Carty offered them (Northtown and Jones) up. It's kind of like telling someone that you don't want a party at your house, because you don't want to clean up the mess, and then offering up a neighbor's house instead. Very rude.

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