Monday, February 04, 2008

New blog on Toledo's 3/4% payroll tax

Just wanted to give you a head's up on a new blog that's been started to oppose Toledo's 3/4% payroll tax renewal that will be on the March 4th primary ballot.

It's "A Tax Break for Toledo, Reasons and a Solution for the 3/4% Income Tax."


Black Swamp Road Geek said...

It is about time.
It is time for the residents that live outside Toledo and work in Toledo stop subsidizing the irresponsible behavior of the Toledo Government

Robin said...

Maybe the suburbs can catch the hint and be more responsible so they can lower their payroll tax. I live in Toledo and work outside of Toledo. I pay city tax for both. Toledo's taxes are lower.

Maggie said...

Robin - depending upon where you work, you're probably paying a portion of Toledo's taxes too.

In most cases, the first deduction will come from the jurisdiction in which the company resides. If that is less than Toledo's total, and you live in Toledo, the second deduction is the difference between what the suburb charges and what Toledo charges - that's why it looks like it's less.

The problem I have is that surrounding suburbs collect Toledo's payroll taxes for them - but only from Toledo residents.

If you worked in the suburbs and lived in the suburbs, you wouldn't be paying that extra Toledo amount.

Robin said...

It's listed on my check stub. One amount for the city I work in and the other for Toledo. The amount that is listed for the city I work in is higher.

Maggie said...

Yes, Robin ... which means you work in a jurisdiction that has less than a 2.25% total. So, Toledo collects the difference between the 2.25% it would 'charge' and what the city you work in charges.

If you lived in that city and worked in that city, you'd only have to pay that city's tax.

If you worked in Toledo and lived in Toledo, your total tax would be 2.25%. The true comparison is whatever the amount the other city charges compared to the 2.25% Toledo would charge.

By living in Toledo and working in another city, you're still going to pay a total of 2.25% - it just depends on who gets what portion.

For instance, if you lived and worked in Maumee, you'd only have to pay 1.5%.

Robin said...

Oh geez... nothing is ever simple, when it comes to money and or taxes, is it? LOL!

Brian said...

I could use some help with a breakdown of the 3/4% tax. How much of the pie does the Dept of Fire actually get? The rumor is they are threatening a lay-off of half the department, possibly before November just to teach the taxpayers a lesson.

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