Monday, February 25, 2008

Tidbits: TPS, OCRC and .75% tax challenge

Toledo Public School Board: 14 individuals have applied to fill the position being vacated by Robert Torres. Several observations:

1) interesting how 'unsuccessful' candidate shows up in all the descriptions of previous candidates except Theodore Jobe...

2) interesting criteria for selection - "Mr. Steel said the most important attribute is to be able to function well as one of five in a board setting, "making sure it's someone who has a skill set to do the work of the board.""

They're looking for someone who'll work well with the other members - not someone who represents a certain skill set or a diversity of ideas...rather, someone who will get along. While working together amicably is important, I fear such criteria will lead to a choice of individual who 'agrees' with the board, rather than someone who would present the necessary 'challenges' to current board thinking.

3) wouldn't it have been interesting if they could have selected the replacement PRIOR to their levy vote on March 4th? And do you think that anyone of these candidates got their home address incorrect - as their last appointment did?

Carty's Ohio Civil Rights Commission issue: he's going to hire two outside attorneys to handle this case for the city at an additional cost of up to $9,999.00 - as that's all he can spend without going to city council for approval.

1) while the law director says this makes sense considering that the case may cost the city a lot of money, I thought that such cases were the responsibility of the law department and the attorneys already on staff. Considering the potential for such types of cases, you'd think there would be someone in the law department who had the skills to handle this issue - and was already on the payroll.

2) this case isn't about settlement, it's about winning. And that's our mayor - Carty Finkbeiner - who sees this, imho, as a personal affront, thus as a case that must be won at all costs. Yes, costs you and I as taxpayers will have to afford.

3) $9,999 doesn't get you very many hours of representation at the hourly rates these attorneys will be getting. Most of that time will be taken up right away in researching the incidences and the documents. And then city council will be told that it would be a 'set-back' to switch attorneys in the middle of the issue, necessitating their agreement for funding these two individuals to the conclusion of the case.

And they tell us that we must pass the .75% temporary income tax proposal on the March 4th primary ballot or they'll be laying off hundreds of police and fire fighters because there's just no where else they can cut. Yeah - right!

And speaking of the temporary payroll tax:

WSPD issues this 75% Temporary Tax Challenge:

The city will provide:

1) the total projected annual income from ALL sources for Toledo
2) the total cost to provide all essential city services - those authorized and mandated only by the Toledo City Charter

What is the difference between these two numbers and is it greater or less than the $57.7 million generated by the temporary payrool tax??? If greater, WSPD talk show hosts will stop calling for the defeat of the tax. If less, City Council will reduce the city's budget to be in line with revenue.

Program Director and afternoon talk show host, Brian Wilson, predicts no one on City Council will accept this challenge...


Frank said...

Well here we go again!
As we have already seen through out the years Carty has been in office, he is not using his head properly. If he is making over $100,000 per year in salary (based on the budget), then he can get his lawyers at his own expense. Why should we pay for his blunders? Own up to it Mayor! Pay your own fees.

Maggie said...
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Maggie said...

Frank - while I understand your angst over this, the charge isn't against Carty personally, it's against the City of Toledo and the city is the proper entity to pay for the challenge to the OCRC ruling.

If this were a matter directed against Carty individually and outside his capacity as mayor, then he'd have to get - and pay for - his own attorney.

But considering this point, it doesn't make sense for the mayor (whoever may hold that seat) to decide to seek outside counsel - it's these types of things that necessitate the need for a city law department in the first place!

Hooda Thunkit (Dave Zawodny) said...

It's reasons like this that "His Dishonor" continues to open mouth and insert foot with impunity (or personal financial responsibility).

And, "We the Sheeple" happily pay for his misdeeds. . .

(I LOVE the 3/4 % challenge!)

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