Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The Contract with Conservatives

From Bobby Eberle at GOPUSA's The Loft:

"...the conservative base has seen the Republican Party go astray. From runaway spending, to big government programs, to assaults on our First Amendment rights to amnesty for illegal aliens, conservatives have become disheartened. Conservatives are told to be loyal to the Republican Party, yet the Republican Party has shown no loyalty to the conservative base. Conservatives are told to fall in line and work for Republican candidates, yet Republican candidates are not working for conservatives.


After years of failed promises, however, the conservative base needs something more than assurances. We need a contract... and that is what the Contract with Conservatives is all about.

The elections of 2006 showed what can happen when Republican officeholders do not follow through on core Republican principles. Turnout goes down, and Republicans lose. The trend is looking even worse for 2008.


America can thrive under conservative leadership and government. The Republican Party is best equipped to deliver this kind of leadership, but too often, it has not. The time has come when conservative voters can no longer be taken for granted. For our time, effort, money, and votes, we need a pledge. We need a pledge from our presidential nominee to uphold the core Republican values that built this party, and which have taken a backseat to politics in recent years.

The Contract with Conservatives is that pledge. It is a pledge to uphold the major conservative ideals that have been pushed aside over the past decade."

This is the contract he suggests:

Contract with Conservatives

Immigration Reform

* Secure America's borders
* Enforce employment laws
* No amnesty

The American people have spoken, and the clear message is that immigration reform starts with secure borders. In a post-9/11 world, we should expect nothing less. In addition, the American people do not support amnesty. Candidates must repudiate amnesty and show respect for the American people by showing respect for the law. Illegal aliens should not be given special consideration for citizenship and should not be put ahead of those seeking to come to America legally. Conservatives will work for candidates who pledge to put border security first and who pledge to not put illegal aliens ahead of those seeking citizenship through legal means.

Tax Reform

* Make President Bush's tax cuts permanent
* Reduce taxes, both on business and individuals
* Simplify the tax code by moving to a flat tax or the Fair Tax
* No favorites -- All tax cuts should be across the board

The tax code must be simplified, and all taxes should be reduced. The tax code should focus on its core function -- a means of raising revenue. The tax code should not be a vehicle for social engineering, and the reduction of taxes should not pit one socio-economic group against another. Conservatives will support candidates who pledge to cut taxes and simplify the tax code, while not engaging in class warfare.

Size and Scope of Federal Government

* Reduce the size of the federal government
* Reform entitlement programs
* Respect states' rights and limit the reach of the federal government as stated in the Constitution
* Cut spending
* Support a balanced budget amendment
* Eliminate earmarks and support stand-alone spending bills

It is not enough for the federal government to only grow by a few percentage points. In the end, it still leads to bigger government. The federal government must SHRINK. The Republican Revolution was built on this core Republican principle, and conservatives will support candidates committed to shrinking the size and scope of the federal government. The pork must go! Earmarks and pork-barrel spending must be eliminated. These practices lead to corruption and are not conservative. The federal government should do only those core jobs enumerated in the Constitution. Other governmental responsibilities should fall to the states. Conservatives will support candidates who pledge to cut spending, shrink government, and eliminate earmarks.


* Vigorously nominate and support the confirmation of judges who follow the law, not those who legislate from the bench
* Wage a real fight against left-wing attempts to block judicial nominees

Nominating a conservative judge simply to let him or her languish without an up-or-down vote is not acceptable. Judicial nominees, who follow the law rather than make new laws from the bench, deserve full and enthusiastic support. Conservatives will support candidates who pledge to nominate strict constructionists and who will not wilt in that support even under left-wing attacks.


* Respect the rights of the unborn and promote laws which will protect innocent human life
* Support the overturning of Roe v. Wade
* Block any efforts to fund or promote embryonic stem cell research

Conservatives believe in a culture of life. This culture must be embraced and advocated by our Republican leaders. Conservatives will support candidates who pledge to promote a culture of life and who work for the overturning of Roe v. Wade. No candidate can say they are "100% pro-life" and also support embryonic stem cell research. This research results in the destruction of innocent human life. Research proves that adult stem cells are as good or better for curing diseases, and thus the use of embryonic stem cells is moot. Conservatives will support candidates who pledge to support life at every stage.

Free Speech

* Repeal the Bipartisan Campaign Finance Reform Act
* Embrace First Amendment rights

The Campaign Finance Reform Act is an assault on free speech and must be repealed. The law resulted in a rise in soft money advocacy through the actions of 527 organizations while other groups were not allowed to exercise their First Amendment rights to support a candidate of their choice. This is wrong. Conservatives will support candidates who pledge to repeal this law and support the free speech rights of all Americans.


Not all conservatives will agree with all of these points, especially if they are pro-choice. More from Eberle:

I want Republicans to win. Why? The reason is simple. I want conservative ideals to be promoted and implemented into government. Winning for the sake of winning is not even a hollow victory. It is nothing. Conservatives are told to be loyal to the Republican Party, yet the Republican Party has shown no loyalty to the conservative base. Conservatives are told to fall in line and work for Republican candidates, yet Republican candidates are not working for conservatives.

This year, my support comes with a very large string attached. I want my presidential nominee to pledge to support the Contract with Conservatives. If he does, then I will work for the nominee and encourage others to do so. But we must know that our hard work will be something. Lower taxes, smaller government, a commitment to life, support for free speech.... these are timeless issues, and Republicans should be leading the charge.


Libertarian Jason said...

Every one of those points, Ron Paul is exceptional candidate to fulfill.

Oh wait... He's anti-war. Conservatives believe in war above all else.

I think if conservatives want a contract, that is an excellent idea.

BUT... a contract is a two way street. They should be obligated to support the candidate that's going to fight for them the most.

In this case, Ron Paul.

Tim Higgins said...


I don't care if someone wants to call this conservative, libertarian, or republican; when someone finally gets around to preparing the document give me a call. I will produce a signature taht will make John Hancock proud.

Maggie Thurber said...

Tim - here is a link to sign the on-line petition:

Hooda Thunkit said...


Outside of giving the President the line item veto, which I am in favor of, I agree wholeheartedly.

However, as we are now, the Republicans and the Conservatives are separate; the Republicans need to return to their former Conservative ways before they can call themselves the home of Conservative ideas/values.

The last truly Conservative President, IMNHO, was Ronald Reagan...

Robin said...

No one can say they are 100% pro life and then sit back and say they don't want to pay for health care for children.

Maggie Thurber said...

I disagree, Robin. I think you can be pro-life but then expect that individuals are responsible enough to not get pregnant if they cannot afford to support their offspring, including their health coverage.

In the cases of rape or failed birth control, the choice could be adoption wherein a family who is financially able to support a child agrees to do so.

Each individual circumstance is different.

But the onus has to first be on the individuals to not create a child they cannot support, rather than to create a child and then expect you, me and everyone else to pay for the health insurance, food, etc... for that offspring.

Brian said...


After reading this I get the feeling that we have battered wife syndrome. The big question is, how long do we continue to take the abuse? I’m ready at the state level to start supporting the LP, only because the majority of the issues at state level are economic and not social. At least through support to the LP we might have a chance of turning this state around; but I fear it may be too late. If the majority of people continue to support the socialist agenda of the democrats and the spineless character of the republicans there is little hope.


Ron Paul is noninterventionist precisely. We are all anti-war, except for a very, very small segment of the world. No one wants war, but war, as is crime, is inevitable, the question is how we position ourselves in order not to get involved in conflicts that we should not be involved with. As such, the majorities of traditional conservatives are noninterventionist and have been since Augustine wrote the “Just War Theory.”

However because a person wears a label of conservative does not mean they are conservative. The problem we have today is that there are too many that believe in the power of the state. Here is the real indicator of the person. Do you believe in the power and use of a large central government? It is at that point or junction we should be taking the debate, and stop the name calling and hyperbole.

Robin said...

The thing is, a lot of people aren't responsible. That is why abortions exist.

It just irritates me that all of this "pro-life" stuff is only about the child while it is still in the womb.

There are thousands of children in this country living in poverty. Who don't have health care. Who are in bad schools. And when it come time to cut the bucget, it seems like the first things that are cut are services and education.

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