Tuesday, November 04, 2008

First incident of error at my polling location - Toledo, OH

While waiting in line to vote at my polling location, a woman came in and her driver's license address did not match her address on the poll book. She did not present anything other than a mailer from the Board of Elections to prove her current address matched her voter registration address.

Under these circumstances, she should be voting provisionally. However, one of the poll workers - NOT the presiding judge instructed that she be given a regular ballot. She chose a paper ballot and voted.

Fortunately, there was a GOP observer at the location who recorded the incident.

However, what concerns me is the widely-publicized instructions to voters and the apparently contradictory information at this poll.


Tim Higgins said...


Saw something similar in 5E when I voted this morning. The poll worker initialed the book and gave the person a paper ballot (not a provisional one).

Lisa Renee said...

I'm not sure she would be required to have to provide an alternative address confirmation. The way the directive reads is a provisional ballot is only required if the address does not match the driver's license/state Id and there is a mark in the poll book showing that an address card sent to the address listed in the polling book was returned.


At least that's how it's always been explained to me - your driver's license or state id does not have match your address that is listed in the polling book - all other forms of id have to.

Antipelagian said...

I had to vote provisionally...I provided a bill with my address and the officials explained to proper steps to voting provisionally.

I was happy to see they had me follow each procedure appropriately...I was disappointed that my name was not listed in my precint...I did a change of address and voter registration with the license bureau over 2 months ago...I know it took effect as the University of Toledo successfully mailed me a parking violation based on my license plate...and I'm not a student at UT.

My wife and I both did a change of address and both registered to vote...NEITHER of us received an updated address card in the mail and only my wife's name made it on the voter's registry in Sylvania Twp.

Maggie Thurber said...

Lisa - thanks for the link!

In this instance, the ID did not match the information in the book. She had no other forms of ID on her.

As I said, the observer made the notation so if there was anything incorrect, I'm sure it will be addressed.

Kathy De Luca said...

I worked as a GOP observer at the Zablocki center at Lagrange and Central for yesterday's election. We were trained that if a voter has a change of address but their photo ID and the address in the book match, the poll worker records the last 4 digits of the DL or state ID and the voter is allowed to vote on a paper ballot or electronically. If a voter has a change of name, they must vote provisionally.

I observed several of these yesterday and most of the voters who wanted to vote electronically but were told that they had to vote provisionally went home and returned with a bank statement or utility bill; which would allow them to vote electronically.

Hope that helps!

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