Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Toledo Bullfrogs

Yep - that's the new name of the Arena Football 2 team that Lucas County wants.

As part of the new arena project, Toledo Arena Sports (basically the same organization as the Mud Hens) plans on hosting an East Coast Hockey League team, the Walleye, and this AF2 franchise.

So that gives us the Mud Hens for baseball, the Walleye for hockey and the Bullfrogs for football ... all in keeping with the 'swamp' theme since we are part of the Great Black Swamp.

(Why is it that our teams are all edible?)


king david said...

Hi Maggie. Looks like they've done it again. We are told that this team name was "just" selected. Yet, when you look up the domain owner's information here:


we discover that this site was last updated in August, 2008. Just like the name "Walleyes" pretended to involve the community ideas, this name was chosen long before they decided to make it public.

For the life of me, I don't know why all the secrecy, if the name was picked out so long ago.... Typical mentality around here.

Dave Cox

The A-Hole Lawyer said...

I have gotten over my Walleye aversion, sent a few hats to friends across America, hockey fans all, and actually like the tough, toothless, version of the logo.

But, Bullfrogs. Now admittedly they are in a league with the Yard Dawgz.......but c'mon.

Will they sell fried frog legs in the concession, or will our opponents just throw them on the field?

Lets talk cost. I know tickets to the Spokane team in this league are about $23, I was in the Spokane area when that team was in the playoff of this league last year and looked into prices. The two nearest teams, Green Bay and Peoria, don't have current ticket prices available. So what will it cost me and two kids to see a game?

$75 bucks to get in the gate, not including parking (TAHL has a posh reserved spot downtown) and the obligatory $25 in snacks? $100bills for me, my son, and a friend to watch an Arena League 2 game??!! I don't think Lucas county residents are gonna fork out that much cash.


Tim Higgins said...


First avians, then fish, and now amphibians. It is only a matter of time before PETA puts on their short list of major league animal abusers. How can we see fit to insult the animal kingdom in this way. Animals are people too after all...

Black Swamp Road Geek said...

Two out of three taste like chicken I hear

Michelle said...

Hi Maggie,

Who comes up with the names of these teams? If they are thinking of frogs, why don't they call them the Toledo Dart Frogs which are deadly and poisonous. A bullfrog is not that intimidating unless you are a bug.

Thank you Maggie,
Michael- Point Place

P.S. I can't always to you, Fred or Brian because I work alotl I don't read the blade, so I missed my opportunity to voice my opinion about the naming of these teams.

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