Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Have we hit rock bottom yet, Toledo?

My husband often says, and I often repeat, that this area is like a drug addict who hasn't hit rock bottom to know he needs to change.

Toledo is losing population.

Toledo is losing businesses.

Toledo is over budget by about $10 million.

Toledo is in the top areas in the nation for home foreclosures.

Toledo just passed every tax increase on the ballot and approved a new tax, just for good measure.

This drug addict just went back to the ballot box for a fix - and will live blissfully unaware until the high wears off - probably just in time for another election and more of the same.

Stupidity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results. And when the results are continued loss of population, businesses, jobs and requests for even MORE money, it seems as if voters will again 'choose poorly.'



gordon gekko said...

To paraphrase Charles Barkley...

Poor people have been voting for democrats for years, but they're still poor.

You'd think they'd try something different for a change?

As I have pointed out on my blog, socialism only hurts the poor. You need only look at our democratically run cities for about 50 good examples.

The A-Hole Lawyer said...

EVERY NEW TAX PASSED, and several anti-investment State issues passed. Issue 5 - YES, meaning payday lending is over in Ohio. Issue 6 No - so no new jobs/investment in Ohio gaming.

COSI is back - like a phoenix rising from the asbestos. My kids are saved and will work for NASA for sure now!! (A certainity bolstered by a new Ottawa Hills school levy - and the promise of college for everyone Obama brings).

We will now have the state Constitution amended to recognize water rights we already had via statute and court decisions.

But its ok, we still have the ballot initiative and referendum system as a check and balance - but wait - no longer do citizens have the month of August - fair season - to get signiatures to support that system.

Someone please send me a message of hope for my wallet, my liberty, and my family.


navyvet said...

Sheeple....they're everywhere....

Proof that too many have been educated in government schools....

And the FAMILY in our society continues to decline...

Without FAMILY, society WILL crumble....

Mad Jack said...

Poor people have been voting for democrats for years, but they're still poor.

Right. When I was poor I voted the democratic ticket in the idealistic belief that having democrats in office would magically move me up the financial ladder.

Then I got a break. I got a tiny foothold on my chosen career, and I worked hard. I studied nights, I worked days. My income continued to rise and the demand for my skills increased.

I realized it didn't matter who was in office when I was poor. I'm self taught. I didn't get a college grant or anything. Now that I've achieved middle class, relative financial affluence, the democrats want to take my money away from me and spend it. They wanted to do that before, but I didn't have much money back then.

I'm not a hardhearted person, so how about this. I'll keep my money, and when I see a good cause, I'll donate. I'll be generous.

What's wrong with that idea?

Carol said...

Righteousness .... oh how it comes in many forms .... and from so many different directions.

If there was not a market/clientele for the check cashing/cash advance places then those businesses would never have survived in the first place. Apparently there was a need/desire for them.

I have been fortunate enough to never have been in a position to use one of them. But it's none of my business if my neighbor wants to use them. It's his money and his choice. What's the problem?

I believe I withdrew my self-employed tax paying self from the clutches of idiocy just in time. The weather here is SO nice and the mountains and hills are so peaceful. The fresh air is mellowing me out....

I've been registered as a Dem all my adult life, but I'm rapidly seeing things in the Dem philosophy that don't sit well with me.

But on the other hand --- I'm not sure the Republican philosophy is a perfect match either.

I think I shall start a new party ... and call it The Common Sense Party.

Hooda Thunkit said...


We in the choir salute you with a hearty AMEN!

By all means, preach on!

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