Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Single non-voter responsible for McCain win

Normally, I delete emails in my spam box from people and addresses I don't recognize. But the email from moveon.org had me a bit curious, so I opened the message and found this:

Dear maggie,

Your friend sent you the following video from CNNBC: "Obama's Loss Traced To Maggie Thurber"

Watch it here:

The link takes you screen with the following message:

Election Day Notice: The video you're about to see portrays events that haven't happened... yet.

It was prepared just for you. But if you go vote today you can make sure this joke doesn't become a reality.

Click here to continue.

Up pops a fake cnnbc news video indicating that "Obama's Loss Traced To Non-Voter, Single Nonvoter Tipped Election To McCain-Palin Ticket." It contained my name and the story of how I had to be taken into protective custody from all the Obama supporters who were rioting because I didn't vote.

The 'news' report also mentions a 'sliver' of people actually happy about the event, with cuts of President George Bush thanking me for my service, and the reporter asking how long it will be until we nuke Iran - probably Saturday, around lunchtime.

There is, of course, an option for you to customize the video for your friends.

This is certainly a unique idea, and it's not the first one I've seen. Earlier in the summer, a friend sent a customized video about a group of people who decide to nominate and vote for a 'regular person' so they picked a name out of a phone book and it turned out to be ... me!

My compliments to MoveOn.org for their cleverness and creativity.



Tim Higgins said...


Who would have thought that MoveOn would understand the conservative stance so well. As one of those 'sliver' people, thank you.

By the way, I hope that you are enjoying protective custody, but are able to do "Eye On Toledo" this evening.

bigbrian said...

I also received one of these emails this morning but I didn't have the guts to open it!

Carol said...

Wow! All this time and I didn't realize I was in the company of a politico-video star! Shame on me!!

Ummmm - excuse me, Ms. Thurber ..... may I have your autograph please?

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