Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Mayor pleads for the bailout

Toledo Mayor Carty Finkbeiner sent out a press release yesterday saying he was going to Washington, DC to help lobby for the automotive bailout.

First, Toledo is facing a $10 million deficit to balance out 2008 - so where is he getting the money to travel to DC?

Second, Toledo has to cut, according to the mayor, $23 million from the 2009 budget - so do we really think that Congress is going to take his advice about what an industry needs to be 'successful'? He can't run a city without going into debt, so do we really think that he knows what the auto makers need to get out of debt?

But he got his name in the news again and he can try to look like he's doing something to 'help.'

Style over substance - which is indicative of his entire term in office.

*** Does anything think he'll also put in a plea to help Toledo, as well? After all, if everyone else is in line for a handout....

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Jay Ott said...

This story should be seen and judged in light of what the mayor said Sunday on 13abc.

According to the mayor's own words, it's wrong for a councilman (viz., Mike Collins) to play political games regarding the budget, yet this is exactly what the mayor will be doing in DC regarding a bailout.

Once again the mayor's hypocrisy is not only astounding, it also sends the wrong message to the businesses in Toledo that would benefit from a Toledo version of a bailout.

The chances that the mayor would bailout an industry here [unless it's the ESM) are slim to none--"I'm sorry sir, we're trying to balance the budget. The city cannot afford to help you."

So how does this differ at the federal level? If a local bailout is a bad idea for XYZ reasons, then why isn't a federal bailout also a bad idea for the same XYZ reasons?

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