Monday, November 03, 2008

Sowell: Obama nothing but ego and mouth

Wow - talk about directness! I would say that Thomas Sowell calls a spade a spade, but someone would probably accuse me of some sort of racist comment.

But this column is hard-hitting, direct, and factual, starting with:

"After the big gamble on subprime mortgages that led to the current financial crisis, is there going to be an even bigger gamble, by putting the fate of a nation in the hands of a man whose only qualifications are ego and mouth?

Barack Obama has the kind of cocksure confidence that can only be achieved by not achieving anything else."

He highlights Obama's lack of experience in running any type of enterprise and the corresponding lack of maturity:

"The kind of self-righteous self-confidence that has become Obama's trademark is usually found in sophomores in Ivy League colleges-- very bright and articulate students, utterly untempered by experience in real world.

The signs of Barack Obama's self-centered immaturity are painfully obvious, though ignored by true believers who have poured their hopes into him, and by the media who just want the symbolism and the ideology that Obama represents."

And then he hits just about every issue, in a concise, but biting, way.

On 'redistribution':

"For someone who has actually accomplished nothing to blithely talk about taking away what has been earned by those who have accomplished something, and give it to whomever he chooses in the name of "spreading the wealth," is the kind of casual arrogance that has led to many economic catastrophes in many countries."

On judicial appointments:

"The equally casual ease with which Barack Obama has talked about appointing judges on the basis of their empathies with various segments of the population makes a mockery of the very concept of law."

On the military and foreign relations:

"After this man has wrecked the economy and destroyed constitutional law with his judicial appointments, what can he do for an encore? He can cripple the military and gamble America's future on his ability to sit down with enemy nations and talk them out of causing trouble.

Senator Obama's running mate, Senator Joe Biden, has for years shown the same easy-way-out mindset. Senator Biden has for decades opposed strengthening our military forces. In 1991, Biden urged relying on sanctions to get Saddam Hussein's troops out of Kuwait, instead of military force, despite the demonstrated futility of sanctions as a means of undoing an invasion."

On his choice of a liar as his running mate:

"Flashing his special phony smile, Biden said, "I think I have a much higher IQ than you do." He added, "I went to law school on a full academic scholarship" and "ended up in the top half" of the class.

But Biden did not have a full academic scholarship. Newsweek reported: "He went on a half scholarship based on need. He didn't finish in the 'top half' of his class. He was 76th out of 85." "

Of course, many of these details were conveniently overlooked by the media - and most of Obama's adoring fans. Many have said they'll vote for Obama because he makes them 'feel good.' But that feeling cannot last forever, and eventually, the feelings have to be able to be supported by the acts - and Obama doesn't have a record of such follow-through.

Sowell's column gives all Obama supporters something to THINK about, rather than just bask in the glow of the Obama aura.

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Tim Higgins said...

Mr. Sowell has once again provided insight and analysis that should be considered before voting tomorrow. Thanks for sharing it with us Maggie.

As for Sen Biden's nonsense, perhaps this is simply part of the new government math that we can look forward to under an Obama administration.

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