Monday, August 31, 2009

The hawk in my garden - UPDATED

So I was sitting on the couch opposite my picture window that looks over the yard and the lake when a huge bird flew across the garden and up to the eave trough over the window.

It was a hawk. I could hear it settle down and was debating if I could get the camera and go around to the other window without scaring it off...but as I was doing so, it flew down and landed in the garden.

So I carefully walked over to the window and dreaded every squeak in our 50-year-old wood floors, afraid that the noise would cause it to fly away, especially since the side window was open...but it didn't.

I took several pictures of him next to the rose bush, but because I was through a window and on a high zoom, not all of them turned out well. This one did though...

It's funny how it seems so much bigger with the wings spread out.

He sat for a few minutes in the garden and then flew over to my crab apple tree. While downloading the photos, he swooped in and went for one of the little sparrows that flew through the yard...don't know if he got it or not as the chase ensued out of the yard.

What a neat thing to see!

UPDATE: First the hawk this morning and just now, an eagle flew across the yard about 10 feet off the ground...must be the day for large bird watching!


steveegg said...

Very nice.

Hooda Thunkit (Dave Zawodny) said...

Well, at least the Toledo bird population is showing some rebound.


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