Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Local activists plan 'recess rally' at Kaptur's office

This just in via email:

For Immediate Release

Who: The Children of Liberty
What: Nationwide Recess Rally
Where: Marcy Kaptur’s Toledo Office
When: Saturday, August 22, 2009
Time: 12pm

In Association with: American Liberty Alliance http://recessrally.com/

Why: To send Representative Kaptur a clear message that the citizens of the 9th congressional district of Ohio say NO to the nationalized healthcare bill, as proposed by President Obama and the United States Congress.

Toledo, Ohio: On Saturday, August 22, The Children of Liberty will sponsor a local recess rally outside Marcy Kaptur’s office. We will gather at 11:15 at International Park and march, together, to Marcy’s Maritime office. We are calling on ALL citizens in Marcy Kaptur’s districts in Lucas, Erie, Ottawa and Loraine counties to come together and show our discontent with the healthcare legislation. We will not stand for socialized, government controlled healthcare and this staged protest will say loudly, “Marcy, we said NO! Once arriving at her office, we will have speakers regarding healthcare issues. And, a healthcare “town crier” will also be present to read a summary of the bill aloud for all to hear. For more information, contact The Children of Liberty at thechildrenofliberty@yahoo.com or call 419-705-3702.

# # # #
Contact: Scott Allegrini, founder of the Children of Liberty
Email: thechildrenofliberty@yahoo.com

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Totally awesome!!!!!!

This is make or break time for our country and future generations. I will be at this rally!!!!!!

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