Saturday, August 15, 2009

Right On Line #4

Jim Pinkerton – Fox News Contributor

• Power of cable news has been seen in the town hall meetings – something about the drama of ordinary Americans speaking up to members of Congress.
• People say Fox is conservative – it’s not really, it just looks that way compared to all the other media.
• When liberals in the meeting ask questions of Democrats, they get called conservative because that’s how they look compared to others.
• Fox poll: 49-34 people oppose the health care bill
• In Sept. 1993, it was 54-31 in favor of Hillary-care. And it still lost.
• We’re ahead now and if we keep it up, we will win.
• Thoughts on how on-line activists can work with the rest of the conservative movement…
• Project for the future – as we think about health care bill, there is a fall-back position and they will keep pushing.
• Money in stimulus bill to pay for Health IT – putting records on line. We must continue to analyze this information and know what it REALLY does. blog to share information about these types of details that no one else covers.
• Thinks more people in the room have read the health care bill than members of congress
• Use the internet to share the information – that’s what will make us successful.

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