Saturday, August 15, 2009

Right On Line #6

I've missed several good speakers because I had to go backstage to introduce Michelle Malkin.

Some comments from her:

* You know you've won the argument when all they can do is quibble on 'how' corrupt President Barack Obama is - not 'whether.'

* Numbers of individuals who oppose big government continues to grow. They wanted you silent, demoralized and demonized.

* You've shown the spine that is so lacking from our leaders in Washington (big applause).

* You have seized control of the public policy debate in this country - and that is amazing.

* Don't worry about your numbers versus the 'nut roots', watch who the White House worries about. Who are they trying to silence? You.

* You are holding Democrats and Republicans accountable. You have the majority running scared - think about it: Democrat officeholders are hiding from their constituents in SEIU offices. They're taking sanctuary in children's hospitals and holding 'teleconferences.' (lots of calls of cowards in response)

* They're charging $25 to attend town hall meetings to hear Obama talking points and stacking their audience with fake doctors.

* The idea that all this opposition is directed from the top-down is laughable. The beltway GOP only *wishes* it could be as competent to direct this.

* It's projection on the part of the left, who have never grasped the concept of the invisible hand in the marketplace.

* We have a shared experience and passion to exercise our 1st Amendment rights. We have so much in common in how we live our lives and hope for our children's futures.

* We are mocked and still we get up, again and again. And we are still hopeful.

* After our loss, we were told to run from our principles and adopt Obama's. We're told we don't understand the Internet, yet it is our videos playing all over cable TV (town halls)

* The rise of conservative books on best-seller lists is an indication of the growing support for our conservative ideals.

* Sunlight is the best disinfectant and knowledge is the greatest power.

* For years, we've been told to tone it down, conduct ourselves in better tones. We cannot afford moderation in times like these, when protecting our home, our nation and our livelihood are at risk.

* Only 'extreme' vigilence, unyeilding, can safeguard our inalienable rights and in practicing this extremism, we have nothing - nothing - to apologize for. EVER. (standing ovation)

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