Saturday, August 15, 2009

Right On Line #3

Rough notes continued:

Grover Norquist – Americans for Tax Reform

After 2008, friends on the left told us we need to move to the left…they’ve told us this every time they’ve won…

They tell us to stop talking about taxes because no one cares about that any more…

They gives us this advice because they realize that what strengthens us are these issues like taxes, freedom, liberty…

We’re around the table for various reasons but we share one thing: we want to be left alone.

NRA – don’t insist everyone have a gun, they don’t require 4th graders to read books titled “Heather has Two Hunters.”

Business leaders – don’t want taxation and regulation

Home schoolers – let us teach our kids as we see fit

Religion – don’t want government to interfere in their faith.

Individuals – don’t want to be taxed or told what to do.

We don’t all agree how we spend our free time and freedom, but we all agree we don’t want to be told how we do that.

Up against the takings coalition – everyone is there because they want to steal stuff from everyone else and give it to them:

Trial lawyers, welfare recipients, people who make a fortune administrating welfare recipients, environmentalists, etc…

They all have a list of things they want – and they want government to force it.

Around the left’s table, they can work together as long as we keep putting tax money in the middle of the table to be split up.

If we say no more to taxes, the amount of money in the center of the table begins to dwindle and everyone around the left’s table begins to look at each other – trying to decide who to eat or who to through overboard.

Left is made up of competing parasites. If we don’t let them gnaw on us, they will just as cheerfully gnaw on the guy sitting next to them.

That was what the stimulus package was all about – money on the table to be divvied up among all their friends.

Tells story about taking water out of one side of the lake and dumping it into the other side of the lake and claiming that they are making the lake deeper.

Stimulus package is a great success for all the parasites around the left’s table – just not for America.

Friends on the left are frustrated at seeing the country organizing against them for health care issue. They are proud of their organizing efforts, but where is it now?

Obama has helped us by promoting his socialist policies and has ‘organized’ the majority of the country against such ideas and the leaders. We dodged one bullet when we didn’t get depressed and go home after losing in 2008 – like they wanted.

The tea parties ‘happened.’ We ‘happened.’

Another mistake we’ve avoided is that we didn’t do what we did in 96 and 98 when we focused on his personal issues and personal failures, rather than his agenda and policies. We talked about Clinton, but that wasn’t an argument against Democrats in Congress who were promoting his policies.

We are now – we’re focusing on Pelosi and Reid and the Democrats in the House and Senate. If big government were a martini, Obama would be just the vermouth – barely there. We need to keep focusing on Congress – we’re winning.

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