Saturday, August 15, 2009

Right On Line #2

Rough notes from the first several speakers:

First up – Tim Phillips, the president of the Americans for Prosperity Foundation …
* You’re on the cutting edge of what we’re all trying to do as a movement…
* #1 and #3 best selling authors on the NYT best-sellers list will be speaking.
* Two best political/economic writers: John Fund – WSJ, Grover Norquist – ATR
* Lots of tea-party people who’ve joined the conference.
* First speaker is the person who was thrust into the limelight simply for asking a question:

Joe the Plumber
* In t-shirt and jeans – was a communications engineer in US Military and he worked for the American people…
* Thanks audience for what they’re doing to help get the word out…
* Usually my speech is about yelling at people – I want them to go home and do something. There is an American Heritage and we cannot allow them to take that away from us. President says it’s not a godly nation and I’m here to say it is.
Find ourselves in the midst of a battle – MSM says it’s us against them, left vs. right, etc… it’s not.
* My union neighborhood agrees with me on the core functions…so as much as you want to take a shot at the left, please refrain. MSM does their best to divide – let’s make this about America.
*I’m an American – not a person of the United States. Political correctness is another way they divide us…stand up and say what you are – true leadership is speaking your mind and asking people to follow.
* I don’t believe in abortion, I love my guns, same-sex marriage is a state issue. I want true leadership – someone who will stand up and say here’s what I believe.
* 4 things: Accountability, responsibility, education and the Constitution

* Accountability: politicians – ‘experts’ - are spending trillions, where is the people’s voice? They’re talking about being respectful yet they’re lying to us and putting our children into debt and they want to be ‘respected’?
* Have to hold them accountable – that’s our responsibility.
* Education – teachers do their job but it’s MY job to make sure my child is educated.
* Constitution – black and white, not a living document. We have to follow it and make sure our politicians follow it.

John Fund – WSJ

Thanks readers and subscribers of WSJ for paying his salary ‘I remember who I work for.’

Dividing time between speaker here and reporter at Netroots Nation. People ask what is the difference in mood between the two? Much brighter and optimistic here.
Pollsters there said they needed to tell NN the truth – likely to lose between 20-50 house seats. At the 40-seat level, Pelosi will lose leadership position.

We’ve all been this way before when freedom has been under attack and American people have been called upon to respond.

In 1977, free market movement was in peril – Dems had control of house and WH…Reagan said don’t be discouraged. He told us – liberals only win elections when 2 things happen – when we make mistakes and when they run as moderates. They may campaign as moderates, but they cannot govern as moderates. If they govern from the left, they will fail, because liberalism always fails and the American people know that. So we’ll have another chance to ask the American people for support and they will respond.

In 1978, mid-term elections saw tax issues fail across the nation. So in 1980, gave Reagan said recession is when neighbor loses job, depression= you lose job, recovery is when Carter loses his job.

This happened again in 1993 when Pres. Bush broke a tax promise ‘read my lips’ … Clinton won campaigning as a moderate… got both houses of congress and WH.

Again Reagan said ‘be of good cheer’ … same conditions apply as in 1977 – Clinton can’t govern as a moderate – the people who pay the bills won’t have it any other way. And Reagan was right.

Now another 16 years later – we won the last 2 battles, time to go three for three…this time, let’s get the hat trick. In 77 it was direct mail. In 93 it was ‘harry and louise’. In 09, responsibility for sharing the information falls upon us. The people have risen up and stopped the health care plan so far and can stop it completely.

Political leadership can come from anywhere – you are the new leaders of American politics. You can bring about change… You’ve proved twice before that you can do it.

If you do again what you did in 77 and 93, you may one day turn to your children and grandchildren and tell them you were a new generation that stopped big government in its tracks.

RedState.Com Erick Erickson:

In this country, unlike any other, every man can make himself. Lincoln quote that he normally starts each speech…

If Barack Obama succeeds in getting health care and capandtax, people won’t be able to make themselves anymore – government will make them.

In your jobs, you’re going to have a lot of trouble, so we’re here today to learn how to fight this – we need to know each other and join together.

Right now, the left is organizing boycotts against Glenn Beck for speaking against Obama – they’re driving advertisers away from his show. If they succeed with him – no one is exempt.

According to the media, we’re astroturfers – not the paid people solicited from craig’s list and bussed in.

What do you do after the tea party? We need a coup. Not talking about government – but a coup of the political parties. How many of you who went to the tea parties then went down and signed up to be a precinct captain in your local political party? If you inundate the parties with fellow tea partiers, you run the local party. Once you do that, you get on the state parties and run them, then the national parties.

Until they start cleaning up their own act, it won’t do us any good. Stop going to tea parties and start going to political parties – take them back. Become the voice you want to hear.

Once you take over local parties, you can take over Washington and keep it.

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