Saturday, August 15, 2009

Right On Line #5

More rough notes:

Phil Kerpen – Policy Director Americans For Prosperity

• Our numbers are up and Netroots Nation’s numbers are down! Good news.
• How many of you were angry before we told you to be? Answer: everyone
• George Soros funded bloggers said we’re all being funded by right…gets spread around and picked up my MSM – and the next thing you know, the manufactured story is considered truth – except by those of you who know you’re not being funded by anyone. The American people are angry and no one had to tell them to be.
• Doing a great job attacking the ‘public option’ component of the health care bill. If they take the ‘public option’ out, we still need to be ready for all the other bad components of the bill.
• Government will still dictate the terms, conditions, taxes, etc. We have to kill the whole plan. (big applause)
• Cap and Trade is also still an issue – several Democrats are beginning to speak out against it.
• When White House says ‘it’s a party loyalty vote and we need you’ , we need to put enough pressure on these politicians that they say ‘sorry Mr. President, my voters oppose this and I can’t help you.’
• Industries have gotten preferential treatment in the bills to benefit themselves. They are supportive of health care and cap and tax – they’re not funding the opposition – us.
• Internet regulation – as long as we have a free internet, we can organize ourselves. We can get around MSM this way. (see notes from earlier post about network neutrality)
• Who will do a better job of running the internet? The ones who do it now? Or the Government?
AOL Parenting Expert Rachel Campos-Duffy
• Listening to all the speakers and sessions, which have been fantastic and I want to encourage you in your efforts.
• The best way to spread the message is to blog and share information. And it’s okay to talk about issues without talking about politics. Think about reaching out to people who don’t normally hear a conservative voice.
• Blogs that don’t target politics can still be influential as her parenting blog is.
• Also involved with and participates in their blogger panel and give a conservative perspective. She does this from her home – and the technology helps her in this regard.
• Don’t be afraid to put your thoughts out there, you don’t have to start a blog, but you can comment on other blogs and participate in that way. Bloggers love the encouragement of people who think they’ve made a good point.
• We’re making a difference, changing public opinion from our homes in our pjs with our kids in our laps. Matt Lewis

• You’re not bloggers, you are 21st Century on-line community organizers. You’re not just writing, you’re changing the world and making it a better place
• Adopt a ‘win’ psychology. Winning is contagious. Unfortunately so is losing – Vince Lombardi quote. The left is worried – they’re scared about what we’re doing. They expected us to go away forever. They don’t want to lose control, so they’ll ratchet up their efforts so they don’t lose. We must respond. Saul Alinsky teaches that one of the most powerful strategies is to demoralize your opponents.
• Get the tools. Get more training, one conference is not enough. Read books, educate yourself, get blackberries, cameras, etc.
• Get networked. Connect with everyone in this room and others who share your perspective.
• Stay principled. Don’t side with a group or administration just because they’re part of your group. Conservative bloggers can be an independent voice that shoots straight with the American people. Maintain your credibility by staying true to principles.
• Get facts – no excuse for being sloppy. Left would love you to make mistakes. Bloggers keep the MSM honest by exposing things they neglect to even question.
• Stay aggressive – be on the offensive
• Thanks to you for what you do – it’s working!

New Jersey AFP director Steve Lonegan

He spoke at prior AFP conference and his remarks were very similar…I’ll provide a link at a later time.

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