Monday, August 29, 2011

Hey LCRP: update your webpage!

I've seen several political signs for judges and I was curious as to who was running for which seat. So, thinking that our local party would have endorsed candidates and have a listing of the information, I went to the Lucas County Republican Party's website at

And this is what I found:

There was nothing else...nothing on the page 2 tab at the top of the website. Nothing about candidates. Nothing about any upcoming events or fundraisers. Just this ad for an event from April.

How is anyone supposed to know who our candidates are?

How is anyone supposed to know how to contact our candidates?

How is anyone supposed to know what events are coming up?

How is anyone supposed to volunteer to help out?

How is anyone supposed to give money to the party?

Obviously, this is a massive failure on behalf of our chairman, Jon Stainbrook. He can't be so busy trying to fire Republicans he doesn't like at the Board of Elections that he can't even get the party's website updated - can he?

And if you're a candidate, you've got to be sorely disappointed that the party doesn't even list you, much less provide a link to your webpage so interested individuals can learn more about you, volunteer for you and, hopefully, contribute to your campaign.

What's worse is that the LCRP's facebook page is equally out of date and, despite saying that their goal is to elect Republicans, has nothing about the candidates on it either.

Stainbrook was able to get enough people to the organizational meeting to get elected chairman, but he is failing miserably in his role as leader of our local party if the party's website can't be kept current.

How, exactly, are you supposed to elected Republicans when you can't even tell people who is on the ballot and deserving of their support?!?

This probably also qualifies for 'stuck on stupid' designation as well.

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