Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Wood County news and updates

Email update from Wood County Commissioner Tim Brown:

Foreign Trade Zone

Since my last report to you the Commissioners have entered into an agreement to establish a foreign trade zone designation for our entire county. While we believe the tool may be helpful in attracting companies looking to locate in the vicinity of the new CSX Intermodal facility in Henry Township, I believe it will be helpful to all areas of Wood County. Once the foreign trade zone is in place it will give us a more competitive edge as the nearly 18 month application process to the federal government will no longer be necessary.

The advantage of a foreign trade zone itself is to relieve companies located within one of paying federal duties and tariffs on materials brought into the country for assembly then shipped outside the United States. (All local applicable taxes will remain in place.) I believe every tool that enables our county to attract business and industry is vital in this very challenging economy.

Ohio Turnpike

I had a chance to meet with Governor John Kasich last week to reiterate the opposition of the Wood County Commissioner's to leasing the Ohio Turnpike. Our efforts in this regard remain full steam ahead and I am particularly grateful to Senator Mark Wagoner and Representative Randy Gardner for continuing to assist us in preventing a lease of the Turnpike. The Governor intends to allocate "proceeds" from a lease all around the State, however it will only be Northern Ohio citizens and businesses and other users of the Turnpike who will pay the increased taxes (tolls) to pay for what the Governor estimates to be well over a billion dollars in road and bridge projects around Ohio.

I spoke about our concerns on WBGU Public Television's Northwest Ohio Journal (Sunday) and you can watch the half hour program at the following link once they have uploaded the video. Northwest Ohio Journal will air the program at the following times: Sunday 3:30 pm; Tuesday, August 2nd at 11:30 pm; Saturday, August 6th at 3 am. Click to watch: http://video.wbgu.org/video/2064635975/

Something for our Teachers

The National Association of Counties, together with iCivics, has created an online game, "Counties Work," to educate students, grades 6 through 12, about the important role and functions of local county government by letting them run their own county. A curriculum has also been developed to assist teachers with preparing lessons on county government. There are even some fun games for adults. If you know someone who teaches, please feel free to pass this information along. Click here to view the game. (no link provided)

As I am sure you are aware the Wood County Fair begins this week and runs Tuesday, August 2nd – Monday, August 8th. I hope this update finds you and your family well and I hope to see you at the Fair!

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