Monday, August 29, 2011

IDs needed for sandbags but not to vote?

Oh the irony!

From my friend and fellow blogger, Warner Todd Huston at PublusForum:

My friend over at Alexa Shrugged ( A great blog you should visit) made a hilarious observation about what is going on in Washington D.C. during preparations for the oncoming hurricane named Irene.

On her Twitter feed Alexa joked about a story on Fox about D.C. residents being told where and how to get sandbags for the storm.

Alexa noted this specific part:

Residents, with DC identification, may pick up sandbags (up to five per household) at RFK Stadium, Lot 7

Alexa found the whole “DC identification” thing rather amusing.

“Need ID to pick up sandbags, but not to vote,” she snarked.

Totally hilarious, no?

You need a valid ID to save your home, but you don’t need an ID to vote??

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As a side note, I can only wonder what in the world you're supposed to do with only five sandbags? Typical government solution - everyone gets a little bit of something but not enough to actually accomplish anything at all. We have to be fair, now, don't we? As a result, everyone who relies solely upon the government will fail equally in protecting their homes.

And who are those people so dependent upon government? Why - the poor, of course! Why don't the leftist politicians in D.C. want the poor to save their homes? Isn't this a type of sandbag tax - like they claim a voter ID is a poll tax?



Stuck on stupid.

You just can't make this stuff up!

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Kadim said...

On this topic...I had a letter to the editor to my local paper published recently:

Notwithstanding the fact that ID is used in some transactions, there is no right more basic to citizenship than voting, and if an ID is required to do that, then it is arguably the creation of a national ID card.

One of the reasons I am proud to be American is because we have never had a national ID card. Ingrained deeply in American exceptionalism is the idea that our rights and our citizenship come from our humanity, our constitution and our creator-- not from government, and not from some cheap plastic card. When countries go down the cheap plastic card path, they erode citizenship, because at that point, citizenship and its rights become contingent on whether you have your ID card or not.

We don't want to be a country where rights are given only if you have an ID card or not.

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