Tuesday, August 16, 2011

New regs are flying off Washington's printing presses like money

I wanted to share with you this latest op-ed piece by Dan Danner, president and CEO of the National Federation of Independent Business. My family's company was a member of the NFIB, primarily because my grandparents believed they truly were the voice of small business.

The recently launched a campaign to "Clip Washington's Regulatory Wings" and to highlight exactly how detrimental federal regulations are not just to small businesses, but to the jobs they are capable of creating.

New regs are flying off Washington's printing presses like money

By: Dan Danner

Karen Beagle had already complied with all the local Troy, Ohio, environmental regulations her small electronics business faced when along came the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency with orders to scrap her existing septic system and replace it with an expensive and unnecessary sewer hookup.

Brad Muller's Charlotte, N.C., pipe and foundry companies are ensnared by the federal rule book, too, forced to spend millions of dollars each year complying with environmental regulations.

These are just two of America's millions of small and independent businesses that daily suffer new and unexpected burdens handed them by an increasingly aggressive federal bureaucracy flexing its regulatory muscle far beyond the original intent of Congress.

In the current economic climate, small businesses can no longer create the jobs and economic growth that once kept the nation's economy above water.

And hopes for a recovery of those opportunities are rapidly moving farther out of reach as President Obama ramps up the federal bureaucracy's rule-making machine.

The National Federation of Independent Business will not stand idly by while this government threatens innovators like Karen and Brad. We're fighting back with a new campaign -- Small Businesses for Sensible Regulations -- that will alert the nation to this growing danger and demand corrective action by Obama. We'll point out barriers and muster support to restrain officials who sidestep the laws as written.

Since 2005, pending federal regulations classified as "major" or "economically significant" (costing our economy more than $100 million) have soared 60 percent.

And of the more than 4,200 new regulations federal bureaucrats under Obama currently have ready to roll out, 845 have been identified as policy changes that will negatively impact small businesses.

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