Saturday, August 13, 2011

Quotes of the Day - government spending & equality

Oh to find such a president today....

"I can find no warrant for such appropriation in the Constitution." ~ Grover Cleveland, (1837-1908) 22nd & 24th US President

Source: written often during his two terms as president when he vetoed Congressional spending.

And note that it wasn't that long ago that Presidents vetoed spending as 'unauthorized' by the Constitution....

Of course, much of today's spending is presented under the guise of making things *equal* - as in compensating individuals who haven't worked with income taken from those who have. Or deciding that government is a better judge of the value of an employee in terms of pay by setting a minimum wage - negating the purchaser's (employer's) decision on what the skills, experience, etc... are worth. Or in the class warfare rhetoric of today's President who thinks that just because you have worked hard and earned more money than your neighbor, you should, for some unknown reason, pay more of that income to the government so the government can spend it providing cars and air conditioners and mortgage subsidies and fans and heating and bus tokens and all manner of things to people who are 'less fortunate.'

Perhaps these politicians would be wise to remember this:

"All men have equal rights, but not to equal things." ~ Edmund Burke

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