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Toledo City Council Meeting August 9, 2011

Sherry's rough notes from last night's Toledo City Council meeting:

Toledo City Council Meeting

August 9, 2011

In attendance: Councilmen Waniewski, Ludeman, Craig, Sarantou, Steel, Collins, Copeland, Martinez, McNamara, Councilwomen Brown, Webb, Hicks-Hudson, Deputy Mayor Cruthers.

The next two items I wasn't present for, but I'll note.

Item 371 – Approve settlement of alleged ULP charge and outstanding grievances with Teamsters Local – passed – Waniewski – no, rest yes.

Item 372 Reject Fact-finder report for 8 supervisors of Toledo Municipal Clerk of Court – tabled.

Item 349 – Lease-purchase 555 N. Expressway Dr. to replace Albion St. Municipal Garage, $26,143 per month, 15 years – Sarantou – Herwat said this would be around 3.1 – 3.2 Mil – when is the building purchase? Rep. From Water Dept. - This will be bought in 12 – 18 months – buy out at any time – 10K of the monthly payment to go toward the principal. Amend – roll call – passed – all voting yes. Webb – Good Luck (to the Administration). Cruthers – Thank you. Webb – bad reputation – rats and holes in the ceiling. Brown – took her Son out there – bad.

Item 373 – Resolution – Support 5 Toledo branches of U. S. Post Offices scheduled to be closed – adopted – all voting yes. Brown – everyone behind it. Webb – District 2 shutting down two branches – further danger for neighborhoods – I've been accused of having a narrow minded focus – organize Community wide – determent to my community. Hicks-Hudson – need additional information to keep open. Ludeman – I'm told I'm a dinosaur – I like to get a stamp and send my bills through the mail, instead of paying them online.

Item 374 – Contribution for 2011 to Toledo Sister Cities International, $25,000 General Fund – passed – Waniewski – no, rest yes.

Item 387 – Appropriation for demolition/removal of abandoned/blighted houses, 2 years, $650,000 CIP Fund – Craig – demolition of abandoned/blighted homes – expedite. 20 – 30K have left City – improve condition of neighborhoods – shot in the arm – immediate conditions. McNamara – abandoned/blighted houses bad – promised Ludeman what priorities are – Columbia Gas – extra money for equipment . Waniewski – CIP meeting next Wednesday – Capital Commons meeting Thursday. Cruthers – lot of bad names – think we are coming out of it. Capital Commons – jobs – talk about this ordinance. Martinez – agrees with previous statements from Cruthers. Ludeman – discussion on landbanking, hearing on the 18th . Craig – huge need for Economic Development – 15,000 people were tax payers - we lost their taxes – look at people that left the City – won't solve the problem, but it helps – this City won't survive with out neighborhoods. Waniewski – I hope you were talking about District 5, also. Maintain the people that are here. Amended - roll call – passed – all voting yes. Refer to Neighborhoods, CD & Health Committee.

Item 375 – Approve 2011 – 2015 CIP Plan, appropriate and authorize remaining 2011 CIP projects, $15,774,589 – refer to HR & Finance Committee.

Item 376 – Appropriation for equipment and professional services for ICT, $355,507 CIP Fund – passed – all voting yes.

Item 377 - Appropriation for expansion of VIOP phone system, various locations, $100,000 CIP Fund - refer to HR & Finance Committee.

Item 378 – Contract with Dr. Pepper/Snapple Group (DPSG) for vending services, accept $1,500+, Recreation Trust – passed – all voting yes.

Item 379 – Amend Ordinance 88-11 regarding U.S. EPA Brownfield Revolving Loan, $1,500,000 Grants – passed – all voting yes.

Item 380 – Dedicate City-owned land as public right-of-way at sw corner East Broadway & Starr – passed – all voting yes.

Item 381 – Repeal Ordinance 574-07 for sale of 616 East Broadway to Marvin Dabish, $32,000 – passed – all voting yes.

Item 382 – Sale of parking lot at 128 Platt St. to Weber block, LLC, $20,000 – passed – all voting yes.

Item 383 – Proceed with energy improvements to City buildings/facilities, authorize assessments, 15 years, $2,755,452 – passed – all voting yes.

Item 384 – Appropriation for mowers, trucks, and speed loader for Parks & Forestry, $418,800 Capital Replacement Fund – passed – all voting yes.

Item – 385 – Purchase security system from Guardian Burglar Alarm for Water Distribution . Erie, $13,915 Water – passed – all voting yes. Cruthers – small expenditure will expand our water distribution – 4 pumps shut off this weekend – cooling water malfunction – we had back up – seal failure – we called on our skilled tradesmen – manual restart plant – the 9% - thank you – should help with delayed maintenance. The situation was avoided - could have been a boil advisory for 1 year till system was back – this was on a Friday evening – thanks to everyone as issues arise. Ludeman – please give us a call about the situation. Cruthers – we will do that in the future. Collins – under pressure on the Administration – could have been devastating – what are we doing? Rep. From Water Dept. - plan up and running. Collins – lesson to be learned – trouble shooting. Rep. From Water Dept. - we've have been working on the plan for six months. Collins – great job. Copeland – what did I learn – you can't put a price on it. Rep. From Water Dept. - this is just an overview.

Item 386 – Continue agreement with UT for Pavement management Information System (PMIS), $71,904 SCM&R – passed – all voting yes.

Last Call:

Sarantou – Reading of the City Journal, those excused. Wishing friend's a Happy 70th Anniversary (not there for the wedding).

Waniewski – Representative from Columbia Gas at a meeting – get all the details in my news letter (email).

Webb – Thursday the 11th, Circus at Friendship Park.

Collins – February 2010 LCIC – Doller-Jarvis – 200K spent – how successful? Blarney – Irish Fest – Friday.

Ludeman – email – designate someone to get it done – I was a judge at “Ribs on the River”, winner was from Swanton.

Brown – District 1 – recycling/dump – Saturday 1:00 – corner of Oben (?) and Bancroft.


Sherry said...

Hi Maggie. I made some comments (parenthesus and my initials). It's your perogitive to post. I just get so disgusted with them (Council). The Post Office thing really got me. It's no wonder I have migraines after the meetings. I wish someone besides me would blast them.

Maggie Thurber said...

Sherry - I took out your comments because I didn't know if they were intended for publication. I really appreciate you doing this and, in the future, if you want to add your own comments about specific items at the end of the notes, I'd be happy to share your perspective on my blog.


Chuck Greer said...

Thanks from me too, Sherry. I cannot abide the whole thing with post offices either (I'm sure Ms. Kaptur will do her thing and "fight for" the post offices)...sure wish someone would fight for me and NOT wasting money on losing propositions. Also, plan to thank Mr. Waniewski for voting against the Sister Cities whatever the hell this is...$25K, for WHAT exactly?? we. don't. have. the .money!!! Arrrgggh!!

Sherry said...

It's up to you wether you want to post my comments or not. I get frustrated, make comments during and when I type up the notes. It's just me - a way to say things when I can't. If Council only knew what I say...

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