Friday, September 28, 2012

Blade bias #12 - waits until last paragraph to identify indicted commissioner as a Democrat

I started reading the story and, since I didn't know the indicted commissioner, I wondered if he was a Republican or Democrat. However, as I kept reading and the reporter didn't give a party affiliation, even after mentioning the man was on the ballot and how old he was, I knew he had to be a Democrat.

And sure enough, in the last paragraph, there it was. He's a Democrat.

Was there no place in the preceding 20 paragraphs to give us this detail?!?

You see, this is common practice for The Blade - if the individual in trouble is a Democrat, they bury the party affiliation. But if it's a Republican, the party affiliation is in the first several paragraphs or even the headline - so you can be sure not to miss the 'bad' association with Republicans.

It's certainly not a subtle bias - it is their modus operandi. It's also probably one of the reasons they, and other papers like them, have such declining readership.

It's bad enough if a reporter makes such a stupid error - it's worse when the editors allow it to go through.

Here are screen shots of the rest of the article just to prove the party affiliation wasn't earlier in the story.

I certainly don't expect The Blade to end this horrible practice in their supposedly objective news, especially when pointed out by #justablogger. But I do hope continually pointing out their bias (so often evident that I resorted to numbering my posts on it) will rightly educate any still-remaining subscribers and advertisers about what they may read.


James said...

How about the puff piece for Sherrod Brown in today's paper that made its way to the front page? What is "dark money", as mentioned by Brown? Needless to say the reporter never bothered to ask him about that ridiculous bloviation.

James said...

Also on the Blade, the mention was purposely put at the end and the story was jumped inside. The Blade, like any other paper, knows hardly anyone reads the inside of the paper's printed version. Maybe they also know hardly anyone, except you, Maggie, scrolls down to the end of the story.

Maggie Thurber said...

James - I don't normally read The Blade, but this was sent to me as a link and I only read to the end to confirm what I thought after reading the first couple of paragraphs - that since the party affiliation hadn't been mentioned, the guy must have been a Dem. LOL

Cynical Counsel said...

The Blade simply follows the lead and direction of the national media. This morning, Sunday, the number of times the Romney campaign has been called, dead, dying, or exposing a need to restart, or revivie itself is obsurd.

The media and democratic party wants all conservatives, republicans, independents and undecides to stay home based an a perception of failure. They want us to believe Romney can't win, so why bother voting.

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