Friday, September 28, 2012

WSPD show recap - Thursday, Sept. 27, 2012

Here are the links to the topics we discussed during my guest hosting Thursday on 1370 WSPD:

* Mike Rowe, from Dirty Jobs, and his letter to Mitt Romney about skilled trades and how our nation seems to no longer value hard work.

Link to story

* State Rep. Barbara Sears called in to add to the topic and inform the audience about the state's 21st Century Manufacturing Task Force, which met at Owens-Illinois earlier in the day. This was part of a series of meetings around the state and she said that she's hearing lots of comments about individuals not being ready for today's manufacturing and skilled labor jobs.

She also encouraged people to share their thoughts with her by contacting her office.

Link to task force information

* After being found guilty of violating the Hatch Act which "prohibits federal employees from using their official authority or influence to affect the outcome of an election," HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius is again hitting the campaign trail for President Barack Obama.

Link to story

* Pres. Obama, after being criticized for missing so many of his intelligence briefings leading up to the terrorist attack on our Libyan embassy, is now attending nearly 100% of them - and sometimes V.P. Biden as well! Imagine that.

Link to story

* University of Chicago professor claims American "overvalues" free speech.

Link to story

* There will be no bacon shortage after all - and there was great rejoicing (but I'm still stockpiling bacon anyway!).

Link to story

* Andrew Marcus, writer and director for the soon-to-be release film Hating Breitbart, was my guest to talk about the movie and why the examination of how the media came to hate the late Andrew Breitbart is so critical to understand, especially now.

Podcast is available here

Friday show:

It's fishing line Friday so be sure to call-in. We will have two guests:

* 3:30 p.m. Matt Mayer from Opportunity Ohio, a free-market think tank, will talk about "Can Romney win Ohio?"

* 4:30 p.m. Bill Weisenberg from the Ohio Bar Association on the organization's opposition to Issue 2, the redistricting proposal.

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