Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Obama had some little lambs

Sent to be via email - said the author is anonymous:

Obama has some little lambs
From black to white as snow
And everywhere Obama says
Those sheep are sure to go

He tricked them with Obamacare
(Which really get’s them nothin’)
Except the same, at higher cost
And turns them into mutton

The sheep from other ranches
Eating up our grass
Instead of sending them away
O says let them pass

He says, “Let’s just let them stay,
Don’t give them any static
But give them jobs, free food and schools
And they’ll vote Democratic.”

And all of those who made a buck
Obama says are bad
And they should pay for all the rest
Or my flock will be sad

It makes no difference if they work
Harder than the rest
As long as they have more than us
Then we should be their guests.

Yes Obama has some little lambs
If we let them, they will spoil it
Take America down the drain
And right into the toilet

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